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Facebook Marketing For Small Business

Your customers are already on Facebook and you probably have a profile of your own.  But does your business have it’s own fan page?

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Do you know the difference between a profile, a fan page and a group?

Do you know which one is best for your business?

Why Facebook Marketing?

Besides the fact that most Facebook users log on nearly every single day, Facebook is quickly becoming the go-to marketing medium of choice for those looking to leverage the power of 700 million users, unrivaled targeting capabilities and interactive capabilities.

And San Luis Obispo small businesses are no exception!

Facebook Marketing For Local Small Businesses

You can easily start and run your own Facebook fan page by creating one here.  But creating a custom Facebook page requires having your own server, some graphic art skills, an understanding of your market and of course some time and energy.

You can also let Prevail PR create and launch your Facebook fan page for you.

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For more advanced use of Facebook, we can also set up and run your pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Facebook.

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