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Day 4: [Marketing Mindset Question 1] Why Are You In Business?

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been around a few years and aren’t getting the results you hoped for, the very first thing you should do is ask yourself this very simple question:

Why are you in business?

Many businesses that fail, fail first at answering this question. 

If you don’t know why you are in business, your customers won’t know either.  And if your customers don’t know, they’re probably going to choose one of your competitors instead.

The answer to this question is the foundation of your mission statement and the inspiration for your marketing strategy.

Your mission statement defines your competitive advantages and prepares you and your employees to make better, more informed decisions, both in the short and long-term, the micro and the macro.  Be as clear and accurate as possible and include a call-to-action in your mission statement that guides your business towards an easily identifiable and measurable goal.

You can also breathe your inspiration into your marketing strategy, which is the fastest, easiest, most powerful way to generate better results in your business.  So much of marketing is dependent upon your level of belief in your products and services.  If you believe you have the very best offering for your prospects, it will show in your marketing and drive results through the roof.

The truth is, all business owners know what they’re doing, and most know how they are doing it, but very few know why they’re doing it.  The majority of business owners get into their business by default through one life circumstance or another and don’t know how or why they are better than their competitors.

Some Reasons People Start A Business

  • To make an income
  • To gain control over your career
  • To explore an idea you have for a business
  • To gain control over your own work environment
  • To have more flexible working hours
  • To work for yourself and lead other people
  • To generate an income and jobs for your community

If you want your customers to believe in you (and therefore buy from you), you not only need to believe in yourself, but you also need to educate your customers as to what it is you believe.

Do you better understand the needs of your customers?

If so, you need to let them know.

DO IT TODAY:  Clearly define why you are in business and be able to clearly translate that to your customers, employees and vendors.

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