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25 Ways To Recession-Proof Your Small Business

Just because there’s a recession doesn’t mean your sales need to suffer. Implement these 25 recession-proofing ideas and build your sales, even during slow times.

10 Marketing Mistakes That Could Kill Your Business And How To Avoid Them

If the economy is slowing down your business, fight back by avoiding these 10 common marketing mistakes and come out of the recession on top.

The Ultimate Twitter Toolbox For Small Businesses

Twitter can be a great, cost-effective marketing tool for your small business and to help you get started, we’ve put together over 90 tips and ideas for you to grow your following and establish a strategy to meet your marketing goals.

Is My Web Designer Responsible For Search Engine Optimization?

Should My Web Designer Search Engine Optimize My Site? This blog post isn’t really likely to make many friends from those in the internet design area however you know what they say… “the truth hurts”. The issue is that the “left hand” normally has no idea what the “right hand” is doing and because of

Common SEO Terms You Should Know

Common Search Engine Optimization Terms You Must Know As Search Engine Marketing is highly technical, there are several specialized terms made use of when discussing this subject. I’ll provide a few of the most typically misconstrued terms listed below, beginning with SEO/SEM (and the distinction between them). 1. SEO/SEM Search Engine Optimization is the longwinded