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An Intro To Social Video Marketing

Social Video Marketing For Small Business

What is social video advertising?

On the surface, it’s a method to get existing and prospective consumers to interact with your website. It’s an amusing means for you to get your message across. At it’s finest, it’s a great way to enhance your general search engine optimization (SEO) authority.  Social video marketing is nothing like those old television commercials — instead, it combines gripping images and motivational text or music to make your clients feel they need to do 2 things: regard your call to action, and share your message with people they feel would value what you offer.

What Social Video Advertising Is Not

Social video marketing is not a common commercial. A movie team does not come to your workplace and build a highly choreographed aesthetic production. In fact, a lot of social video marketing for small businesses takes place with the assistance of a good internet marketing expert, and a couple of people who have the ability to put a quick, amusing video together. Small cameras like the Flip and others like it make the procedure of producing and modifying brief films a snap!

Social video marketing is not spam. Some companies make the error of being extremely promotional, which is something you certainly do not wish to do– the most effective social video marketing campaigns are those that people really do want to see.

What Social Video Advertising Is

Putting a black and white definition to social video marketing is impossible. It’s different things to various people. The very best social video marketing doesn’t even resemble advertising to most consumers, which is specifically why it is so effective.  Here are a couple of things that are prevalent in good social video marketing:

  • Social video marketing triggers a mental response. It produces a demand, and a drive to communicate. You want your consumers to see your videos and think, “Wow! I need to share this!”.
  • Social video marketing uses platforms that are currently in place. YouTube and Facebook are two examples of places where effective video campaigns can translate to great success. Individuals on these networks are always viewing, sharing with friends, and taking action.
  • Social video marketing is not all about you and your business. It is interesting, fresh, and commonly amusing or gripping in some other means.

We’ve just barely covered the tip of the iceberg in this intro — find out more about social video marketing by talking with your online marketing expert or joining the San Luis Obispo Small Business Success Group on Facebook.  Any topics that can help your business grow are allowed and one of our staff is always around to answer your questions.