Customer Service Your San Luis Obispo County Small Business Deserves

21 customer service guarantees san luis obispo marketingThe key to our success is customer service, plain and simple.

In fact, our goal is to provide such good customer service, that you’re excited to become our long-term client and refer new business to us. To do so, we expect all our clients to hold us accountable and demand the very best from us.

Over the years, we’ve developed 21 customer service guarantees you’ll enjoy as one of Prevail PR’s valued clients. In addition to our risk-free marketing services, we always look for new ways to improve your business by:

  1. offering tips, tools and knowledge that save you time, money and hassles, free of charge
  2. referring you new business from good customers
  3. referring you other services from trusted vendors when we don’t have the best solution
  4. finding joint venture and strategic alliance partners for your business
  5. getting answers to your questions, even ones we don’t know – yet
  6. connecting you to the right people and networks
  7. getting to know you as well as possible to increase your depth and range of success
  8. answering phones and always being accessible to you
  9. following up with you and providing value far after the purchase
  10. resolving all complaints in a responsible and timely manner so you never feel that way again
  11. sharing time and knowledge with your staff and even your customers
  12. always providing more value than what you’ve paid for
  13. making you comfortable trying additional services and taking on all the risk in every purchase you make
  14. forwarding stories, information and tools specific to your business for your own education
  15. selling you the services that are best for you, not best for our bottom line
  16. educating you on the importance of treating your customers the way we do ours
  17. delivering on unconditional refunds and competitive written quotes that never go over your budget
  18. attending your tradeshows, sales and other events to see your business up close and uncover new streams of revenue
  19. building products and services you can use on your own for years to come, including updating your website, with no future costs
  20. spending countless hours improving our skills and becoming an expert in our field so we can know (and deliver) the best services for your needs
  21. learning as much about your business as possible

If you can think of other ways we can improve our customer service, by all means, let us know. But the fact of the matter is, our customer service is second to none. And in order to provide this level of service, we take on very few clients.

To us, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

About serving your needs for as long as you’ll let us and earning your business, respect, and referrals for years to come.

Call  (805) 456-8636 to see how we can help you grow your San Luis Obispo County business risk-free.