See What Prevail Really Means

Our mission: To build a better community by helping local businesses succeed with better marketing.

What does that really mean?

These are the principles that guide our vision to keep San Luis Obispo the best place to live on the planet by educating a stronger locally-owned economy.


San Luis Obispo is a natural incubator for entrepreneurial activity and a self-contained environment that requires a vibrant locally owned retail economy to thrive.

San Luis Obispo Marketing Manifesto

The driving vision behind everything we do.

Our community is worth protecting and smart entrepreneurs that invest in efficient marketing activities are the best defense.

Failure Is The Start Of All Success

We love to fail — so you don’t have to.

Knowing what works first takes finding out what doesn’t work.  We’re like product-testing guinea pigs and love every minute.


Be the catalyst for growth for local business owners, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs by providing all the marketing tips, tools and tactics they need to succeed in San Luis Obispo County.

Local Devotion

Prevail provides SLO-centric blog posts, tools, resources and everything else to create a perfect monogamous relationship between marketing and marketer.

Local Commotion

Our community can never have too many events that promote and celebrate our downtown areas.  Keep an eye out for some of the creative ways we build business/consumer relationships.


Act as a public service for the local business community by providing free tools, information and consultations to streamline the growth process for anyone interested.

Helping Non-Profits Profit

Our local non-profits are just as important as our small businesses and need all of our help to stay open in tough times.  Prevail provides free consulting and marketing services for Mission Community Corp., and pro-bono work for several other organizations.

Nothing To Sell

It sounds strange, but we’re a marketing company with nothing to sell.

Everything we do is in service of local entrepreneurs and the San Luis Obispo business community.  If you want help, just ask.  It’s free!


Create a hub of marketing information relevant to local business owners, including free reports, tutorials and a step-by-step playbook for success.

Explore Every Subject

Marketing, like everything else in life (including SLO), is becoming increasingly complicated.  Stay on top of all the options at your disposal with our free reports that cut through the clutter and help you make smart decisions.

Master The Mind

Not only do we learn everything possible about marketing and San Luis Obispo, we share the best stuff in our SLO Business Success Master Mind Group.  Join now and let’s grow together.


Help as many locally-owned businesses as possible by placing the health of the local business community as a priority over trying to sell services.

Hour Heroes

One of the best ways to improve your business is to listen to yourself telling someone about your business.  Hour Heroes are 60-minute recorded consultations for you to share your story with the rest of us.

Innovative Tools

Ideas are weapons and passion is the fire that forges their way to fruition.

From local newsletters to online directories, we’re always looking for the inspiration to solve your needs through marketing innovation.


Publish valuable content with clear and concise strategies that cut through the clutter and compel local business owners to take appropriate action.

Cross The Big Box Threshold

Growing your business is a matter of realizing that there are three ways to grow your business and not just one.  Getting more customers is great, but we teach you how to master the others ways, as well.

Cross The Big Box Threshold

What is the “Big Box Thereshold“?

It’s the intersection where your marketing efficiency collides with big box competition, and where the dreams of your business and our community lie in the balance. Take the Marketing Efficiency Survey to see where your business stands in this epic battle.


Take an honest view of the current and future state of the local business community and uncover opportunities in the silver linings.

Tough Love

When times get tough, don’t get down — get smarter.

Chances are your marketing efficiency is deficient…and that’s OK as long as you’re open to new ideas.  We’re not here to stroke your ego, we’re here to help you see through the fog.



Provide effective strategies and recommendations that improve results and save time for local business owners with limited resources.

Tested Tools

We test and try more tools than anyone else, a large majority of which are unlikely to help your business despite the hype.  Learn which tools to use and those to avoid in our tested tools archive.

Succeed Systematically

What would you do to make your business better?

Would you follow this step-by-step guide for 1 full year to maximize your marketing efficiency and cement your success for years to come?


Give freely of time in the form of coffee meetings, online groups and forums, in-store audits, video chat and email to answer any and all questions and set local business owners on a course for success.

Let’s Meet

We love spending time downtown and insist on spending plenty of it in the local coffee shops meeting people that want to start or grow their business in SLO.  Schedule a coffee meetup at (805) 456-8636 and let’s start a relationship.

You can also reach us online: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Secret Shopper

We also love shopping at local businesses and seeing what they have to offer.  But like a trained solider, our marketing eye is never off and we’ve learned that there’s great value in critiquing your business secretly.

If you’d like to see how your business stands up to our scrutiny, you’ll earn some fantastic feedback.


Develop an authoritative voice that earns the respect of the local business community and delivers trusted, actionable advice free of charge.

First Ones In, Last One Out

At Prevail, we’ve developed a “Can Win” attitude and an enthusiasm for rushing into the fray.  It’s a reckless thirst for data and a desire to make your life better and easier.

Whether your business is still just a dream or on its last legs, we have solutions to get you through the battle in confidence.

Our Guarantee

We absolutely guarantee you will succeed with our help.

The only requirements are asking for it, taking action and providing a testimonial of your experience once you’ve had time to give an honest account.

Ready to get started?

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