Day 49: Your Mission Statement

Learn the three things you need to include to create a powerful mission statement that strategically drives your organization in the direction of success.

Day 48: Your YOU List

Learn the five major elements of you that you should infuse into your small business in order to reach maximum brand potential with little to no investment.

Day 47: Plug Your Leaks Checklist

Use this tool to identify and plug all the leaks in your sales funnel that are turning your potential customers away to your competitors and flushing your profits down the drain.

Day 46: [Plug Leaks] Conversion Leak List

Follow these three powerful ways for converting more leads into customers and enjoy maximum results from the bottom of your sales funnel.

Day 45: [Plug Leaks] Lead Leak List

Make it easier for prospects to contact you with these 5 easy ways to optimize the middle of your sales funnel and turn cold traffic into warm leads.