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Why Your Small Business Needs A Website To Compete In Today’s Economy

Your Small Business Needs A Website Now!

If you’re reading this, then you use the Internet.  The fact is, so do the vast majority of your customers.  They use the Internet for entertainment, email, keeping up with friends and family and getting their news.  And increasingly, they use it to research their buying decisions before making them.

In today’s economy, if you aren’t online, you aren’t in the game.  People rely more and more on Google to help them decide where to spend their money.  Chances are if your competitor shows up in Google results for “your product or service in your city” and you don’t, you just lost the sale.

And in case that reason alone isn’t enough to convince you, here are 13 more reasons your small business needs a website today.

1.  Your Website Never Closes – Your business is probably closed half or more of the total weekly hours it could be open.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be serving your customers.  Your website can provide information about your business, products and services, customer service and even a way to buy or request goods.  And no matter what time your customers are looking for you, you’re open.

2.  Your Website Builds Your Image – A clean, professional looking (and acting) instills confidence in those unfamiliar with your business.  Not only does it make your company look bigger, it makes your company look more credible, as not having a website raises questions about your business that aren’t very flattering.  Whether you like it or not, just being online increases the respectability of your products and services.

3.  Your Website Answers Questions – No matter how much information you provide in your store, your website can provide more.  When people go online, they are looking for answers to their questions.  Your website will help them better understand your answer, increasing the likelihood that you’ll earn the sale.

4.  Your Website Lets People Know Who They Are Doing Business With – Let’s face it, we all want to know who we are doing business with.  Even if customers are buying online from someone they’ll never meet, it’s still reassuring to “see” who they are buying from.  Your website can include a picture of you and your employees, some information about your business and even links to your social media profiles if relevant.

5.  Your Website Reaches New Markets – You may think of your company as “local”, but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way.  People all over the world are searching online right now for the products and services you offer and for a number of reasons, it may make sense to buy from you.

6.  Your Website Improves Customer Service – Before the buy, your website can help your customers understand why they should do business with you.  After they buy, your website can increase their satisfaction by helping them understand how to put their purchases to better use, take care of them longer or resolve any troubleshooting.

7.  Your Website Can Attract Better Employees – Like buyers, jobseekers also do their research online before applying.  If you don’t have a website, you may be left with the bottom of the talent pool which is sure to affect your bottom line negatively.

8.  Your Website Can Generate Leads – With the addition of a simple contact form, your website can generate leads for your business that you can follow up on at your own pace.  Can you really afford to let all the online leads in your market go to your competitors that do have websites?

9.  Your Website Provides Up To Date Promotions – Your Yellow Page ads and fliers are sure to be outdated quickly, especially if you change your promotions several times a year.  Fortunately, you can change your website content at any time to reflect your latest sales and contests, saving you a ton of cash on print materials in the process.

10. Your Website Builds Community – With the right tools, your website can help you build a sense of community around your business.  By providing a place for your customers to leave reviews, recommendations and other feedback, as well as interact amongst each other, you are giving them yet another reason to give you their business.

11. Your Website Can Build A Customer List – In today’s economy, it’s vital that you use your marketing dollars efficiently.  Selling to your past customers is 6-7 times cheaper than finding new customers and your website can help you build a customer list you can sell to over and over for practically no money at all.

12. Your Website Lets You Test Your Offers – Whether it’s your headline, a special offer, an introductory price or a free bonus, your website will allow you to test one option against another.  Over time, you can drastically increase your sales by understanding which ones perform best.

13. Your Website Can Help You Understand Your Customers Better – Another great way to increase sales is to get a better understanding of your customers.  Your website helps keep track of visitor statistics such as age and sex, how they found your site, how long they stayed and what pages they spent time on.  Once you get a better picture of your customer, you can craft segmented sales and offers that speak directly to them.

Take your pick.  Any number of the above reasons can help your business better perform in today’s marketplace.  Nine out of ten consumers now use online media when researching products or services locally.  Without a website, you are literally conceding a large percentage of your potential sales to your online competitors without so much as a whimper.

Without a website, you simply don’t exist to those who don’t already know about you.  Get a website and get back in the game.  They aren’t as expensive as you think, they’re easier to update than you think and most importantly, you’ll get more sales and attention than you think.

If you’re interested in getting a website for your business, let us know and we can either send you more information or provide you with a free, no obligation quote to help you make an informed decision.  Feel free to share other reasons we’ve missed in the comments below.