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Why Should I Create A Newsletter?

Newsletters have long been a staple for Internet and brick-and-mortar businesses alike, and for good reason. Not only are electronic newsletters relatively easy and cheap to create, they are also very informative and potentially profitable.

Here at Prevail PR, we believe in newsletters so much, we are attempting to start a side business out of creating one of our own. We will continue to provide our Prevail Newsletter free of charge to everyone that registers with this site, but we are now taking things a step further because of the intrinsic value of creating and disseminating a newsletter in your specific community. Of course, if you are an Internet business, this may not make sense. If this is the case, there are still many reasons to create a newsletter to offer visitors to your site. Some of these are:

  • Build up your e-mail opt-in list for many future sales
  • Keep your clients informed about new products, services and sales
  • Remind clients about referral and affiliate programs you may have
  • Keep your brand on your client’s radar
  • Advertise joint venture partnerships
  • Get feedback from your clients
  • Test new offerings with your clients before they hit the marketplace

Like e-books, there are million reasons to create a newsletter and very few not to. Being successful at any number of the reasons above can result in some major benefits like:

  • Having a pre-sold audience to whom you can market any future products or services
  • Saving on advertising and other marketing costs
  • Increase your client base through referrals, affiliates and word-of-mouth
  • Find new joint venture and affiliate partners
  • Improve your products from feedback from current clients
  • Increase your brand’s reach as your newsletter becomes more well known
  • Increase revenue through newsletter advertising

Having created some newsletters for past clients, I can tell you personally how profitable they can actually be. To take advantage of the great opportunity newsletters provide, we have begun creation of our very own local newsletter to compliment the one we offer here at Prevail. The idea behind the newsletter is to gather the information pertinent to local business owners where I live (San Luis Obispo, CA), establish a platform for locals to speak about the issues concerning them, create interactive games and contests to get readers to participate (and hopefully retain ads longer) and offer local advertisers a new advertising venue that will act as a case study in proving to our future clients how well newsletters work.

The newsletter will have a first run print of 1000 copies and will be supported by its online edition at Here And Now News. As part of our local sales promotion, we are giving away advertising space on both print and online editions for three months, after which we will be establishing rates for different types of advertising. You can see from how things are set up that our marketing materials are reinforcing and promoting the launch of the newsletter, which will provide more value for new clients, prove to current and future clients the potential for newsletters, reinforce the Prevail PR brand as an innovative company that supports its local community and add to the examples of how interactive advertising is superior to that of regular television or radio ads.

If you are interested in starting your own online or local newsletter for your new or small business, please let us know if we can help.