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Why Should I Create An E-Book?

You must know something about your business or industry that very few others have any idea about. So what can you do with this information? One tactic is to write your very own e-book, an information product you can give away or sell on your small business website.But what exactly will supplying this information to your prospects do for your business? Well, the great thing is that it can do whatever you’d like it to do. Below are a few of the things you can do with your e-book:

  • Create situations where your products or services provide the solution
  • Shed new light on a new area of your business
  • Provide a tutorial for improving how your clients use your products or services
  • Establish yourself as an expert on a specific topic in your niche
  • Create interactive elements to get your prospects more involved and make your e-book more memorable

Written properly, your e-book should support all your other marketing goals, ultimately leading new prospects through your door on a more regular basis and letting them get to know your company, product or service on a more intimate level. By doing so, you will enjoy one or more of the following benefits:

Depending on your business, there are 1000’s of ideas you can come up with to write about and 1000’s more of how to market and maximize the publicity of your e-book. Don’t think as you usually do. What do you know best, or what is that you think you may know better than others? What topics do you talk about in conversations that intrigues people? Start with those types of ideas, and go from there.

Before you begin writing your e-book, plan it out. Create different topics you can use for chapters and format your e-book so that it is easily read on a computer screen. Keep in mind at all times that your book will be read while sitting at a computer and that unneeded information should be minimized or eliminated altogether. Also keep in mind that the information you know is valuable and that there are people out there that want to know what you know about your specific area of expertise. Give it to them.

Whether you charge for your e-book or not, by providing the best possible content, your e-book will become your first successful publication as an author. In time, you will write better e-books in less time and maybe even create the opportunity of starting your very own e-business out of the content you create, but first things first. Create your own e-book!