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What Are Podcasts And Videos?

PodcastsTwo of the fastest emerging information products you can create for your small business blog are podcasts and videos. Podcasts are simply audio recordings you create and upload to your site that allow your prospects and blog readers to click and listen to on your site or download and listen to later on an iPod. Videos are well, the video counterparts to audio information products. Neither are difficult to create, nor will they cost you much money.

Studies show that many people don’t read after high school or college. As alarming as this sounds, it can be used to your advantage. Your prospects’ lack of interest in reading can be leveraged through the offering of audio or video information products. Not only do they have a similar cost to you, they are probably in higher demand.

So what will you need to create your own podcasts or videos?

In order to create these valuable marketing tools, you will need a few pieces of hardware to help you out. For podcasts, you will first need a microphone and a way to edit your rough draft. Microphones are cheap, but make sure you get one that is high-quality. This doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive one, only that you hsould do a little homework first. You may want to check Amazon for reviews and feedback to find one for your needs.

One of the best tools you can use to edit your podcast is Audacity. It is free, easy to learn and has many useful tools to make your finished product even better and easier to find. It will help you polish your recording so it sounds professional and also help you upload your file so that it is available through your RSS feed and from other locations.

To create an affordable video information product, you will obviously need a camcorder or web cam so that you can record your information. You can also create slideshows, screen captures and sketchcasts, videos that record what is going on on your computer screen, allowing you to offer your information without having to actually be on video yourself. The rest of the process is pretty much the same as with podcasts, but instead of using Audacity, you can choose from any number of video hosting services like Youtube or Revver.

Where else can you share your audio or video information products?

Besides your web site, you can share your audio and video information products in a number of locations. Once on your site,make sure they are available through your RSS feed or require your readers to register in order to get your information product. Other places you may want to add your products are on video sharing sites, iTunes, torrent sites, forums, other blogs and pretty much anywhere your prospects may spend time online.

Today’s Internet marketplace affords you numerous places to share your information, usually for free or for a small monthly charge. Look around, do your homework and find the best places to meet your prospects where they are comfortable. Keep in mind that the less you force your information products down your prospects throats, the better they will be received and the more likely that your prospects will share them with others.