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Why Should I Create An E-Mail Course?

E-mail courses are one of the newer tools Internet marketers have at their disposal. They are cheap to create, valuable for your prospects and effective at converting prospects into buying customers. So what are they and how do they work?

E-mail courses are a series of e-mails you create as an opt-in mechanism that teaches your prospects about a specific topic or group of topics. They can either be given away for free, as a one-time fee or even as a subscription service that you update each month or week. You can even be more creative and package your information into custom subscription packages for your clients. Once you have them written, you set them up in your autoresponder so that they are delivered over specific intervals to those that subscribe.

So what are some ideas you can use for an e-mail course of your own?

  • How To Market Your Small Business In 5 Easy Steps
  • The Top 5 Divorce Tips And How They’ll Save You Thousands Of $
  • How To Turn Your Catered Event Into A Favorite Event
  • Why Computer Maintenance Is One Of The Most Important Things You’ll Ever Do
  • Interior Decoration Ideas To Increase The Attractiveness Of ___________ Furniture

With no specific business in mind, I came up with those off the top of my head. With a specific business in mind, it’s probably even easier to find a good topic that will pique your prospects’ interest, entice them into trading their e-mail address for a chance to read your e-mail course and even persuade them to fill their shopping cart with your goods.

Remember to write your e-mail course in pieces so that it builds upon the original promise over time. To be successful, each e-mail you send needs to be worthy of its own message and provide useful information to those interested in the answers the course looks to provide. Keep a specific sales goal in mind as you write and make sure each part of the course ultimately asks the prospect to look further into a specific product or service you offer.

Each e-mail should also supply an answer to the specific question you raise within the message. If not, you run the risk of offending your hard-earned, new-found prospects. You also run the risk that they spread the word that your content is a waste of time. Creating any information product is contingent upon being valuable, and when you are looking for a prospect’s attention several times with your e-mail course, you better make sure each piece can stand on its own.