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The Ultimate Twitter Toolbox For Small Businesses

Note: The Twitter Toolbox is the result of Week 1 of “Social Networking Month” here at Prevail PR.  Subscribe to our blog for Week 2 updates on how to use Facebook to grow your small business.

The Ultimate Twitter Toolbox For Small Businesses

Twitter is taking the world by storm, and for good reason.  In addition to its many social uses, it is quickly becoming a marketing tool of choice for large and small businesses alike.  Large companies like GM, Jet Blue and Dell are using Twitter to gain the valuable attention of their target markets, and you can too.

Once you’ve created your Twitter account, you should spend a few minutes updating your bio and profile information to reflect the values of your particular small business.


Twitter’s power comes from its ability to connect you with the people that care about your products or services.  Before you get too involved with Twitter, you should take some time to add your current customers that are already on using Twitter.


So now that you’ve got an account and a few friends hanging on your every word, how exactly do you use Twitter to grow your business?

  • There are probably hundreds of ways you can begin to put Twitter to use, but we’ve done our homework and outlined the best ways.  To find the one that’s best for your small business, check out these 25 Twitter strategies to improve your business.


One of the other things that makes Twitter the great marketing tool it’s become are the powerful third-party tools that optimize and extend its core features.

  • Nearly every day there are new and improved tools, but some of them like those included in this collection of 25 Twitter tools for small business will help you reach your marketing goals quicker and easier than ever.


After spending some time on Twitter, you’ll begin to see even bigger strategies and ways of using it to grow your small business.

Twitter is a great, cost-effective way for you to keep in constant contact and interact them in a way they are not only comfortable with, but prefer.  Stop interrupting your prospects with traditional advertising and instead, earn their trust and gain their attention by providing valuable updates on your company, industry, products, services and offers.

Enjoy your time and Twitter best of luck.  If you have any questions or comments, or have other Twitter ideas, tips, tricks, uses or case studies, by all means share them in the comments area below or in the appropriate Twitter posts contained in this toolbox.