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Traffic Driving Tip #1

Blog TrafficGetting your blog up and running may seem difficult at first, but after you become familiar with how the software works and how each component relates to the others, you’re well on your way to being a productive member of the blogosphere.

Joining this terrific community is one thing. There’s still a little matter of getting the rest of the world to know you exist, a process that is discussed and debated on thousands of blogs every single day. So what is the best way for you to go about promoting your blog and earning your first readers? Each Tuesday this month, we will discuss a different tactic you can use to start building your blogs base. First up, email your current clientèle and inform them of your new venture.

Why You Should Start With Your Current Clients

If you’ve been doing your job, your current clients are your current biggest fans. Not only have you already sold them on your skills and service, you’ve earned the right to continue building a relationship with them.

Invite your entire client list to be the first to experience your new blog. Use your charm to make them feel special for being chosen as your new blog’s alpha users. Ask them for their feedback, good or bad and implement some of the changes. Remember, your blog is for your readers, not you. Let them participate in its’ release and you will earn an even warmer place in their hearts. Depending on your business, there are a million ideas you can implement to reward your clients for their participation. The more feedback you get before exposing your blog to the world, the better off your blog will be.

Why You Should Reward Your Current Clients For Their Feedback

Just like the rest of us, your current clients are busy people who value their time. If you don’t value it as much as they do, they will eventually take their attention back and leave you wondering what you did wrong. Explain to them that their feedback is vital to the success of your blog, which exists to improve your relationship with them.

Find out the things they’d be happy getting in return for their time, and then give it to them in abundance. One free reward you can give them is some shine on your brand new blog. Everyone appreciates being recognized for their efforts. Your clients are no different. The fact that someone they hired is recognizing them may actually be such a nice surprise, they won’t soon forget the effort you put into making them feel special.

If you have open ad space on your blog, you might even go so far as giving top participants a free ad for a period of time. Anything you can do to increase your clients exposure is good for both of you. Be creative and figure out how you can give the most value to your most important readers. It’s not every day that clients are recognized by the “hired help” and doing so will only increase your value to them.

Why You Should Take It A Step Further

Your blog’s launch only happens once, so take full advantage of it. Some other things you might consider are inviting past clients that have stopped working with you for one reason or another. Humbly invite them to your blog and ask them if they’d be interested in a fresh start. Reward them just for stopping by. Remember all you are trying to do at this point is earn repeat readers. Selling your products or services will come later.

You should also consider checking out some of the other blogs in your industry and invite them over, as well. Blogging is about openness and helping as many people as possible, even your competitors. If you think you can hide from your them, you are sorely mistaken. Take a proactive approach and invite them to offer their feedback, as well. They are going to find you regardless and they are going to have an opinion. You might as well know what it is. Who knows, you may even be able to work out some degree of partnership. In today’s commercial landscape, you can actually enjoy more success from working with your competition than against them. Put your mind to the test and figure out how you can both benefit.

One other tactic you may want to consider is inviting the press. Find a way to appeal to your local media or relevant trade publications and you just might enjoy some invaluable pre-launch promotion. Getting a story about your blog’s launch will get you started off on the right foot and quite possibly earn you some new clients.

Your business blog is a license to be creative. Don’t waste it. Try some things you would never have imagined trying before you had a blog. Regardless of their success, you are bound to learn some very valuable lessons about what a blog can and can’t do for your business. Last but not least, don’t be average. Stretch your imagination and trust your creativity. Standing out in a field of 100,000,000 isn’t the easiest thing to do, but if you are successful at it, it will be one of the most rewarding.