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Top 5 Small Business Blogs – #4

Small Biz TrendsSmall Biz Trends is another great small business blog that started in 2004 and enjoys massive success today. They feature trends and insights that affect the small business marketplace and boast one of the largest reader bases I’ve ever seen, towering over us newer entries with 68,338 subscribers. How did that manage to build a subscriber base that high? Excellent content, consistent quality and a dedicated focus to the small business market.

To me, the most valuable feature of this site is their recognition of new trends and how they think these trends will affect different types of small businesses. Trends may be positive or negative in nature, but they won’t affect all businesses the same way, and if you are prepared for these trends, you can take advantage of most of them. One problem for most small businesses is that we tend to do business as usual. Not innovating with the changes in the marketplace is a surefire strategy for disaster, and in today’s marketplace, those changes are coming at us faster and faster.

One way to stay on top of these trends is to read every industry magazine you can get your hands on. This is an ok option, but will require a lot of time and from experience, will likely cause some level of information overload. Technology is our friend. Let it filter the information you need and save yourself some time. If you are in the ice cream industry, there is likely a blog out there with intelligent editors that have read all the publications in the ice cream industry and have passed along the most important information to you through their blog.

To me, Small Biz Trends is that blog for the trends that face small business owners and how those trends will affect our future. It helped me understand how to set up the services and pricing for Prevail and put ourselves ahead of the curve on some of the issues that are bound to face small business marketing companies in the next couple of years. By keeping up with these trends and making the appropriate changes, hopefully these trends will not affect us as negatively as those who did not foresee these trends or do anything about them.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, find the filters in your industry that will help you understand where your industry is headed without having to put in all that time yourself. If you aren’t sure where to start, try Small Biz Trends and it will likely lead you to other blogs that may be more focused on your industry in general. Until then, subscribe to their feed, dig through some of their archives and see what catches your eye.

  • Are you one of Small Biz Trends 63,000+ subscribers?
  • If so, what are the things you like most about their blog?
  • In what ways has this blog specifically helped your business be better?