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Top 5 Small Business Blogs – #3

Duct Tape MarketingThe competition for best small business blogs is fierce. I have over 50 of them in my feed reader, and I honestly read most of them every single day. Some days, when I’m unable to read everything that crosses my view, I have to restrict myself to a handful. More than often, that handful includes the expertly-written, multi-award-winning Duct Tape Marketing Blog.

John Jantsch, the blog’s author, has probably schooled thousands of internet marketers over the years with his advice on simple, effective and affordable marketing ideas. I’ve always believed in the saying “half of all advertising money is wasted, you just don’t know what half” and I believe it for marketing, as well. I’m also a long-time fan of Jay Levinson, the king of guerrilla marketing, and John is the best thing I’ve seen since. I’ve honed my skills on his advice and with a mind-boggling 89,246 subscribers, I know I’m not the only one.

In addition to John’s tremendous insight on topics such as referral marketing, marketing plans, customer service and lead conversion, there are also another 15 blogs or so written by other authors on wide-ranging marketing areas like The Idea Department, Media 2.0 and Help People Choose You. He’s also got a variety of information products for sale that I haven’t personally tried, but have been very tempted to at times. I’m positive from the quality of his blog, that his information products are excellent, as well.

Duct Tape Marketing truly is a treasure for small business owners and marketers of all sorts. It’s a site I look up to and professionally recommend at any mention of good small business blogs. I’ve read the book. I read the blog. I follow his advice. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.