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Top 5 Small Business Blogs – #2

Dosh DoshThough it’s not literally a small business marketing blog, this next blog has quickly moved into valuable territory in my feed reader. How to make money online blogs are booming and look to be here for quite awhile, but I know some of the blogs in my reader on this topic won’t last more than a few months. Others, like Problogger, have already gained the traction needed for the long haul. Problogger is so good that it is basically considered the Bible of how to use a blog to make money and was one of the first on the topic I became addicted to.

But, as impressive as Problogger is and how impenetrable its hold on blogging for dollars was, there is a substantially newer kid on the block that has seriously taken the niche to a new level in my opinion. “Make Money Online With Dosh Dosh” is one of those publications you just don’t expect because the group leader seemed to have every angle covered and a lock on the throne. Perhaps Maki’s disarming and down-to-earth writing style for such a competitive niche is what appeals to me most, or maybe it’s his ability to delve into an unbeaten path topic and flood it with illumination and insight. Whatever it is, it is awesome.

I completely respect and admire Darren for what he has done with his blog (and I’m glad to see A-listers adopt the portal front page type of blog), but the main reason I chose Dosh Dosh over Problogger is because Maki writes a lot more about issues that affect small businesses in general and not just blogs that are businesses. While Darren takes a topic a well-educated blogger may know about and applies his professional wisdom to bring the rest of us up to date, Maki tends to spend time on more topics that businesses can use like affiliate marketing, online entrepreneurship and web traffic building tips.

Essentially, Problogger is the blog of choice for help with all my other blogs, but for this one, Dosh Dosh is more useful. Either way, both will remain in prominent positions in my feed reader for a long time to come, but if I had to suggest one of these two powerful blogs for your small business needs, I’d have to go with the new kid from Toronto, Canada. Stop by and congratulation Maki for coming in as the 4th most popular make money blog after only 10 months blogging. You can view what appears to be his first post here and see that everyone starts at square one on their way to blogging domination.