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Top 5 Small Business Blogs -#1

Seth's BlogI’m sure you’ve all been holding breath, but the day to announce Prevail PR’s Top 5 Small Business Blogs #1 blog. No, we didn’t choose our own, though we hope that someday we might crack our Top 5. It would be an honor 🙄

So now, with no further ado, our #1 small business blog is……….. Seth’s Blog. It’s probably no secret, but I have patterned much of my own marketing philosophy after Seth Godin’s, a philosophy that is not only effective, but perhaps mandatory to succeed in today’s marketing landscape. I personally own all of Seth’s books, except The Dip, which I read at Barnes & Noble one day (sorry Seth, I’ll get the next one, promise).

Seth’s Blog is very different, much like Seth’s ideas, from those of just about any other business blog, large or small. Often his posts are no more than a couple of sentences, but the insight one can gain from those few words speak volumes. Personally, the most important facet of Seth’s philosophy is the idea of permission over interruption. Basically, interruption marketing would entail television commercials, billboards, radio announcements and other marketing vehicles that interfere with a prospects normal activity. Permission marketing on the other hand, deals with creating ways to get prospects to give you the right to market to them, preferably on a 1:1 basis.

Blogging in this sense is a form of permission marketing. Readers come to your blog on their own and stay as long as they like and leave when they choose. Subscribing to your RSS feed is permission marketing as your reader has now allowed you to “send” them your new content. Getting them to opt-in to your e-mail list is another form of permission marketing handled on your small business blog. Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are other ways to increase your permission marketing.

By reading Seth’s Blog and his great collection of books, you will have a vastly superior understanding of where marketing is and where it is heading than you have now. I shudder to think of those that don’t follow his ideas at all and wonder how much longer they will last in their industry. This goes from aged corporate giants to the mom and pop shop at the corner of your neighborhood. If you are looking for specific ways to improve your small business, this probably isn’t the place. But if you are interested in improving your marketing creativity and possibly save the life of your business, I highly recommend checking out Seth’s Blog and subscribing immediately.