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Top 25 Twitter Tools For Small Business

top 25 twitter tools for business

Maximize Your Time On Twitter

Building up your Twitter following to a level that makes business sense will take time and energy.  To make your time count on Twitter, it’s important to not only interact, but to find the tools that will help you accomplish your goals faster and easier.

Though there are already hundreds of tools to help you use Twitter, many are redundant.  To help you get started finding some tools, we’ve rounded up what we think are the 25 best ones for business purposes.  It’s probably best if you try some of them out and figure out which ones will make your time on Twitter more efficient.

25 Tools To Help You Save Time & Energy On Twitter

1.  TwitterFeed – This little tool allows you to quickly and easily Tweet your blog posts on Twitter.  All you have to do is sign up, enter your blog feed and Twitter login details and save.  Now when you publish a blog post, it will automatically be sent to Twitter, too.

2.  Twhirl – Want to work on Twitter from your desktop instead of from within the Twitter website?  Try Twhirl.  You can send Tweets, get updates on your followers and even upload pictures.

3.  TwitterFox – Thanks to Firefox, many people are moving towards performing their marketing efforts through the browser itself.  To get friend updates through Firefox, even when you aren’t logged in to Twitter, try this great browser plugin.

4.  MyTwitter – If you use WordPress for your blog, you’re probably going to want to add your Twitter status updates on your blog.  This plugin makes this task a cinch.

5.  TwitBin – Want more Twitter functionality in your browser than Twitter Fox offers?  TwitBin lets you do just about anything you can do on Twitter straight through your browser.

6.  WhoShouldIFollow – Want to find new Twitter friends with ease?  This website lets you type in a Twitter name and dozens of similar members will pop up.  You can also click a member to find more people like them.  Simple.

7.  Twitter Search – A year or so ago, Twitter snatched up Summize, the company that built the first Twitter search engine that actually worked.  Now it’s part of the Twitter service.  In between all the other third-party tools, don’t forget to put the Twitter search engine to test.

8.  Twellow – While traditional Yellow Pages are going the way of the Dodo Bird, the Twitter Yellow Page service Twellow is becoming quite the destination for business owners trying to leverage their Twitter efforts.  Find Twitter users in just about any category you can think of.

9.  Twitpic – Want to share pictures of your products with your customers and prospects?  The easiest and best way to do this is to use Twitpic, this online service lets you upload pictures so you can share them in your Tweets.  Yu can even use it from your cell phone.

10. TwitterBar – One of the quickest and easiest ways to send Tweets is directly from your Firefox address bar.  To do this, all you need to do is install this Firefox plugin.

11. TwitBeep – Want to know when someone mentions your name, company, product or competitors?  Get hourly updates sent to your email from TwitBeep to stay on top of this information.

12. Brabblr – Are you working with multiple micro-blogging services?  If so, try this tool out to update all of your accounts at once.

13. Email Twitter – This tool will let you send instant status updates to your Twitter account from your cell phone, without racking up the text charges.

14. GroupTweet – Looking to send Tweets that only a select group of followers will receive?  GroupTweet lets you accomplish this with ease.

15. LiveTwitting – Want to hold your next conference or event live on Twitter to keep those not attending in the loop?  LiveTwitting is the tool for you?

16. OutTwit – If you’re using Microsoft Outlook as your company email client, you can use OutTwit to send your latest posts to specific people as an email.

17. TweetLater – If you’re like us, you love to plan ahead and get tasks out of the way ahead of time.  TweetLater allows you to write your Tweets and then have them posted at scheduled times.  Similar to how blogs allow you to post to the future.

18. TwitSay – Adding audio to your Tweets can really make a big difference in conversion levels.  TwitSay is a fairly new tool that inserts audio clips in your outbound Tweets.

19. Twideeo – How about video you say?  Twideeo is the video version of TwitSay, allowing you to insert video clips into your outbound Tweets.

20. TwitsLikeMe– Another great way to find users with tastes and interests similar to your own is to use TwitsLikeMe.  Easily search for and follow other users.

21. TwitterGram – Including music with your Tweets in yet another great way to make them stand out from the avalanche of other Tweets.  TwitterGram lets you easily insert mp3 files into your Tweets.

22. Twitterator – If you need to keep up with a group of users on Twitter, Twitterator lets you do so from one central location, saving you time and energy.

23. TwitBuzz – One of the better third-party services we’ve found for Twitter is TwitBuzz.  It allows you to keep tabs on the links, messages and users you want to follow all in one slick interface.

24. TwitGraph – TwitGraph builds a graph of your Twitter usage so you can identify which of your Twitter efforts are working and which aren’t worth the time they consume.

25. SiteVolume – A great little market research tool for Twitter, SiteVolume allows you to track the popularity of specific terms relevant to your business.  Also works with Digg, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr.

Twitter, like many of the new web applications rising in popularity today, is a great free service that can help you grow your business, but it’s the third-party tools that make it the marketing juggernaut that it has become.  After spending a few days looking around Twitter and building your business strategy, dive into some of these tools and incorporate them into your Twitter campaign.

If you don’t find the tools you need here, don’t fret.  Do a quick search on Google for Twitter tools and you are bound to find one that helps you reach your Twitter goals.  Good luck and remember to follow Prevail PR on Twitter for instant marketing updates.