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Top 10 Small Business Blog Features – Landing Pages

Landing PagesThough blogs are most known from their posts and gain the most benefit from being updated often, it is the landing pages for your products and services that will ultimately have to make the sale. These pages are some of the most important of all elements of your blog and when used and written correctly, can dramatically improve your sale conversions.

Optimally, you should have a landing page for each of your products or services so that you can target specific audiences and lead them to the products or services they will most likely be interested in. If you have many products or services and don’t have the time to build landing pages for each, you may want to combine them into relevant groups to help prospects find the specific products and services they are looking for. We have our services separated into three separate groups, basically broken down into the different packages we offer our clients. One is for long-term clients interested in doubling their sales over a period time, another for marketing and blog schedule plans and another for our subscription services.

Depending on where we market these services, we use these links to interest prospects in different areas of our business. Typically when marketing directly to small businesses, we use the subscription services link to show prospects how flexible the service is and how they can use numerous marketing tools over time to build up their clientèle. When commenting on other blogs that we have determined could benefit from our services, we are more likely to use the marketing and blog schedule plans link. In larger marketing efforts, it’s likely we will use the “Double Your Sales Or Don’t Pay” link. In time, we will probably build pages for each specific service we offer to improve our ability to match our services to a prospect’s specific problem.

These landing pages are also very effective for using within particular posts. For example, if a post is about the importance of creating and maintaining a schedule for your small business blog, it’s a good idea to put links to the services that will specifically help a prospect perform this action. In this way, you can highlight the areas of your business that best correlate to the problem you are addressing in the post. This is far more efficient than simply talking about that service or placing links to that service on their own. By working together, your post brings up an interesting problem your prospects may be facing and your landing page offers them a solution.

Landing pages are also helpful in allowing prospects to find the exact services they are in need of. Having one page with all your products or services is an easy way to confuse prospects or flood them with irrelevant information. No one wants to search through a long page of information to find what they are looking for. Instead, offer as much information as possible for each service on their own pages. Prospects will appreciate being able to find the products or services they are looking for easily and for having all the pertinent information pertaining to those products or services in one location. Used correctly, these pages will help your prospect’s make an informed decision and increase their likelihood of purchasing the product or service highlighted.

Lastly, your landing pages are far more efficient in search engine results when created for specific products or services. When a prospect performs a search for a specific need, your landing pages will show up in the results offering the exact product or service they are looking for instead of a list of products or services they may or may not need. By matching specific products or services to your prospect’s immediate needs, your landing page links have a far better chance of being clicked and hopefully of converting the prospect into a happy client. Realistically, the only page of your blog that should cover more than one product or service is your blog’s home page which should detail all the products and services your company offers. All other pages, including each of your posts, should focus strictly on one topic, idea, product or service.

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