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Top 10 Information Product Tools – AWeber

There are several free tools that will help you with your autoresponder and newsletter needs, but there is only one tool that just about everyone agrees is the only option you should actually choose from. What is this popular tool?

AWeber is the most reliable and cost effective means of capturing your prospects e-mail addresses, send unlimited autoresponders and create and send newsletters. Their service includes dozens of templates you can use free of charge, as well as all the technical support you could ever ask for. These jobs are often a big headache, but for packages between $15 and $20 a month, AWeber will take care of all the hassle for you.

In addition to great prices and the highest reputation in the business, AWeber also backs its offers with a 30-day guarantee. Having been in the autoresponder and mass e-mail delivery service for nearly a decade, they really know their product and how to satisfy their clients.

You may not have put much thought into autoresponders, but once you have an information product to offer your prospects, you are going to need to find a reliable service. AWeber automatically delivers the information your prospects request within seconds and adds their e-mail addresses to your database saving you even more time. You can also create personalized follow up letters that can be sent out on regular intervals so you can continue to build a relationship with your prospects.

All in all, AWeber is a standard among those who count on their quality information products bringing them more and more qualified new prospects. If your product is highly valuable, the process in which it is delivered needs to be, too. Don’t put time and effort into creating a great information product and then let it get lost in delivery or at the point of sale. You can try to use your hosting company’s autoresponder services, but they are typically very limited. There aren’t many choices in life that leave you with no headaches, but choosing AWeber as your autoresponder and newsletter service is one of them.