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The World’s First Ad Flip

I’ve been keeping up with the story on John Chow about selling his 300 x 250 Google Adsense block to a private advertiser due to slowing revenue. Within moments of posting the story, the ad had sold. Today, John let’s us in on who bought it, and more importantly, what they plan to do with it. 

For $1000, Ryan Stewart of eleven21.com earned the right to advertise whatever he wants for a whole month. Apparently Bidvertiser will be taking over the spot the month after next, but I really like what Ryan is planning to do with it while it’s his space.  The ad links to a sales page on Ryan’s site which explains that he plans on reselling the ad space…for a 50% markup! Genius.

He’s also got the ad on eBay and explains how the ad will be prorated, allowing Ryan the blogging hat trick: getting a week or so of ad publicity, making a profit on the sale of the ad and getting talked about throughout the blogosphere for having the kind of marketing savvy we appreciate here at Prevail.Well done Ryan!