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Small Business Information Products Tip #6 – Zero Shipping Costs

When we break it down, information products are the only product or service you can offer that actually costs you absolutely no shipping costs.  Everything else either requires some form of postage or the man hours required to deliver your promise.  Information products on the other hand, only cost you the time it takes to create your information product divided by the exact number of those who register to download your product.  Over time, this number will become basically zero and continue delivering benefits for a long time to come.

Depending on the information product you choose to create, the links you intentionally place within and the amount of promotion you give your information product, your returns can be staggering.  Think about it.  Even if it takes you a week or two to craft a great product, it is created cheaply, stored for less and delivered for even less, for as long as your content stays relevant.  And don’t forget that updating your information is fast, cheap and easy, as well.

Delivery of products and services are easily one of the most expensive aspects for any business.  Even marketing requires a delivery fee, whether it’s postage or the hiring of others to spread your word.  Information products are the exception to this rule.  In fact, delivery is so cheap, you may want to think about hiring a professional to craft your information product.  This marketing tool is going to be in your repertoire for years to come (if successful) and has virtually no costs after production of the prototype.  Maybe you pay $500-$1000 to have a 200 page e-book written for your site. It would only require 10,000 free downloads to bring your cost to a nickel or dime per download, and that’s not counting those that acquire your information product freely.

Provided your information product adequately performs the duties you crafted it to do and placed affiliate and landing page links in pertinent positions throughout your content, your money will be well spent.  And for each successful conversion you have through your information product, there is a high likelihood of two others coming along to download it, as well.  10,000 may seem like a high number (and it will be if you limit yourself), but valuable free downloads can reach far greater numbers.  If you aren’t worried about capturing e-mail addresses, think about alternative distribution avenues like torrent sites, e-book libraries and article directories.  You’ll be surprised how many people want what you know.