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Small Business Information Products Tip #4 – Updates

Printing brochures and other sales materials carries a heavy price tag. Even worse, they become dated very quickly and have to be redesigned and reprinted over and over again. Digital information products don’t have this problem. Depending on your skill level, you can personally update your information product at any time for no cost, keeping it fresh.

Updating your information products is also a very easy thing to do. Much like editing a post on your blog, all it really comes down to is editing your original copy and republishing it. But maintaining your information product isn’t just fast, easy and cheap, it’s also beneficial. Updating your information products actually increases its value over time as it collects an ever increasing amount of solid, current information on the topic your information product covers.

So how do you update your information products?

To update an e-book, white paper or special report:

  • Open your original Word copy and edit the areas you need to bring the information up to date
  • Reformat your document to PDF and other file types you are offering
  • Republish your information on your website. Be sure to share your link in forums and other social sites to let people know that there is a new version of your information product available

To update a newsletter:

  • Updating your newsletter will require a little more work since they are constantly offering new information instead of building on a collection of information
  • Your blog or autoresponder service most likely houses your newsletter. Go into the appropriate area and copy and paste your new information into the body area. If you have an html newsletter, this will require a little more editing, but if you know what you are doing, you can write your newsletter and html code at the same time
  • Set your e-mail or autoresponder client to mail out your newsletters on a specific timeline to a specific group of your prospects. Over time you should be able to custom create your newsletters for multiple segments

To update an audio/video product:

  • Depending on how much information you need to add, you may want to start from scratch with your audio/video products, but there are tools that can do just about any job
  • Adding on to the end of your audio/video product is obviously easiest. Simply continue recording at the end of your original product, or create a new product and label it as Part 2 of the original product
  • With proper editing tools you can also remove old parts of audio/video products, splice in new parts and even mix the parts around. If you think editing your current project is better than creating a new one, but don’t know how, there is always someone that can help

Keeping your sales and marketing materials up to date should always be a high priority for all businesses. The more of these materials you have that are digital, the easier and cheaper this job will be for you. Your information products are no exception. These marketing tools are a gateway to your company and need to be of the most current information available on the subject it covers or it risks making your company look outdated. Unlike your sales brochure, your digital information products can be updated for free, as often as you like and actually gain value. Don’t neglect this opportunity.