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Small Business Information Products Tip #3 – Unique Content

Much like your blog, your information product should offer unique content that your prospects cannot get anywhere else, or that collects the information they are looking for in one location. Let’s face it. Following the “other” guy rarely works and even more important, it instills very little trust. Your business is still in business because you do something different than everyone else. That quality needs to carry over into your writing, as well.

Unique content is actually a pretty rare thing on the Internet. By offering something unique, you will differentiate yourself from your competitors in addition to building trust and awareness of your brand. Let’s take a look at some things you can think about before creating your information product to increase its chances of success.

Why is unique content so important?

  • Unique content sets the successful websites apart from the rest. Your information product is an extension of your website, a marketing tool you are leveraging to increase your sales or build up your e-mail list. If your information product isn’t unique, many of those that read it will know and find no reason to return to your website
  • In today’s value-driven market, there is no better way to provide value than with free, easily-accessible information that offers the solution to a specific problem. Do that and you will reap the benefits
  • The Internet gives users a lot of power. If someone “breaks” Internet law, they are easily exposed to a worldwide audience. Offering unique content is a sure way to increase your company’s credibility and reputation as a source of quality information

Where to get unique content for your information product?

  • The best source for unique content is within you. You started your business because you had a passion to make something better. What is that something? How are you different? What problems do your products or services solve better than just about anyone else? Evangelize about you
  • Gather the information that drives your industry and look for trends that others may not be thinking about. The more information you collect and analyze, the better your chances of finding some interesting statistics or anomalies that your prospects could use
  • Hire freelancers to research and write your information product. If they need to perform your research as well, this could be a very expensive option. It’s best if you have an idea about what you want your information product to do before you have anyone write it, so if you hire a freelancer, make sure you have a game plan

How else can my information product be unique?

  • Unique doesn’t always have to be in the form of content. If you research your competitors, you may find opportunities to be unique in other ways. If there is some information that someone is selling, you may want to offer information of a similar quality for free. Free isn’t always better, but it can typically help your information product spread faster
  • Another way to be unique is to offer your information product in a different format. There may be 20 different “How To Lose 10 Pounds Eating Only Our Meals” e-books, but no free videos offering the same type of information. Being unique in this way could really gain some solid attention
  • You can also be unique in how you market your information product. A competitor may have a great alternative to your information product, but if no one is finding it, you can use that to your advantage. Be aggressive and get the word out about your offering. If prospects find you first, they shouldn’t need a reason to go to someone else

Creating unique content or delivering it in a unique way will likely take you some extra time, but as an entry point to your website and ultimately your company, your information product needs to stand out in some way from what every one else is offering. Study those in your industry and check out some other sites to see how they offer their information products. Even better, study those that are most successful in building their own industries out of information products (we’ll be checking some of them out this month) and adopt some of their strategies. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, but provide valuable, unique content in a proven manner and you’ll be happy you didn’t take the easy way out.