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Small Business Information Products Tip #2 – Low Start Cost

Low Start CostThere aren’t many things of value your business can give away or sell that costs you nearly nothing to produce, but that’s exactly what information products can do for you. With information products, you are only limited by your creativity. Whether you decide to write an e-book, a newsletter, a white paper or some other information product, the cost to you is bound to be next to nothing.

So what does it cost?

There are really only two costs to think about when dealing with information products. The first is the time and/or money it takes for you to write or create your information product. If you decide to create your product yourself, then the only cost to you is the man hours you put into it. If you are as knowledgeable of your subject as you think, this shouldn’t be very difficult. Of course you should have someone besides yourself edit your offering and to get some feedback before releasing it to the public, but these can be handled for free.

Have your employees handle the editing, or perhaps your business partner or a client. In fact, giving away your information product to your existing clients and asking them for feedback is a great way to not only keep in contact with your clients, but to also let them know that you value their business and their opinion.

If you have to hire someone else to create your information product, you can do so affordably if you know where to look. Some of the best places to find freelance writers for the job are Scriptlance, Guru and E-lance. There are other services around the Internet, but these are the best by far. You can also put an ad on Craigslist or have one of your employees create your product. Remember, you are only limited by your creativity. Check around these services to see what freelancers are charging for what you need done. Typically, they will charge by the page or by the hour. Find a price you are comfortable with and make sure they don’t charge too much, if at all, for revisions.

What other costs are involved?

The other cost you will need to think about is how you will offer and track your information product. This ranges from building an opt-in mechanism, creating autoresponder messages, taking payments if applicable and creating tracking reports. There are services on the Internet you can use, like Secure Delivery, that offer to do all this for you for a low monthly fee.

You may also be able to utilize the tools included with your hosting package. Of course, there are free services as well, but most if not all require advertisements in your messages. Lastly, if you have a programmer on the payroll, you can always have them design and implement these tools into your website for whatever you are paying them already.