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Small Business Blogging Tip #20 – Employee Relations

Employee Soap BoxMany people leave the workplace to work on their own as a result of not having a voice in their previous positions. Too often, employers either don’t listen to the suggestions of their workers or they build up too many barriers in between them that they cannot be heard. Even worse, there can be barriers placed between employees that reduces their efficiency and potential even further.

Your blog can solve many of these issues and more. Several corporate blogs allow their employees to maintain their own blogs within the company blog. Your small business blog can be used in the same way. You can allow each of your employees their own soap box so that information flows freely from top to bottom and from employee to employee. Before setting up sub-blogs for your business blog, here are some things you should think about.

What benefits are there to allowing my employees to write their own blogs?

  • Employees feel more appreciated when their ideas are heard and responded to. Blogs allow your employees a platform to discuss their ideas and provides a record of their suggestions you can go back and review at any time
  • Many times, your employees have the best ideas because they are in contact with your clients most. Blogs will allow your employees to build stronger relationships with your clients and perhaps uncover and resolve issues you may have been unaware of
  • Employees can read each others blogs and speed up the flow of information between them. Unlike memos, they have a running record and can be added to any time. Having a place to write about their ideas also lets your employees elaborate on ideas they may otherwise have never brought up

What consequences could there be to letting my employees write their own blogs?

  • If you have unhappy employees, you may not want them to vent their issues in such a public place. While there could be benefits from this, you may want to improve employee relationships before taking such a progressive step or create blogs that are only visible on your company server
  • If your company relies on proprietary secrets for its success, it may be too risky to allow your employees an outlet to the public. In this situation, you can still allow your employees to write their own blogs but have all posts approved before they are published
  • Some times, employees have problems with each other. It’s probably not the best thing for them to air their disagreements on your blog where anyone can see it. Set up a gatekeeper or strictly enforce what employees can and cannot talk about

How else can I use my company’s blog to improve employee relations?

  • By posting about your company’s goals and visions, you may attract new employees interested in working for a company like yours
  • If you are in need of new employees, there is no reason you can’t use your blog to put the word out. It’s quite possible your readers are interested in your company or know someone that would be
  • You can put out weekly or monthly company goals or newsletters on your blog to keep everyone on the same page. Not only will employees be informed, but your clients and prospects will also have a good idea about your future plans and how how you treat your employees

Your blog can do many things. Stretch your creativity, understand your company and see how the two can increase the value of your blog. Would allowing your employees a voice help or hurt your business? If it would hurt, what can you do inside your company to resolve that? If it would help, how can you give your employees the best tools to have their voice heard? Would hearing things from an employee perspective improve how prospects and clients view your company? Ask yourself some questions and figure out how your blog can help answer them.