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Small Business Blogging Tip #19 – Connect With Clients

Connect With ClientsAs you build up your blog’s content, you will notice that it has the ability to become a media outlet in a number of ways for your business. The two-way interaction made possible by your blog is a great way to get to know your readers, and hopefully by investing time in them, they will soon become clients.

Being able to converse with readers before they ever become clients is one of the greatest things about having a blog for your business. Instead of forcing your marketing message down their throat, your blog is an open platform for readers to ask questions, give advice, suggest improvements, contact other clients and research your products and services among others. Giving readers this opportunity builds trust and allows them to do things on their own time and in their own way.

As time goes on, prospects will not only appreciate this, they will come to expect it. Starting a small business blog now will not only help you meet the demands of your clients and prospects, it will give you an edge on your competitors that have not done so. Now that you have your own small business blog or have decided on building one, here is some advice on connecting with your prospects and improving your chances at turning them into happy clients.

What can I do to connect with prospects?

  • The best way to connect with prospects is to answer each and every one of their comments they leave on your blog. This will show them that they are important enough to you and send a signal that you care about customer service
  • Offering the highest-quality content on your blog is another great way to connect with your prospects and probably the reason they visited your blog in the first place. Despite what others may say, your content cannot be too good. Give away whatever information you can and it will instill trust and goodwill in all who read it
  • Another great way to connect with prospects is to give them the tools they need to either do things themselves or to find the information they need to do so. It’s possible you may not gain a client of them, but the goodwill created may be enough for them to refer others your way. There is no shortage of clients in the world, but there is a shortage of company’s who value people above their own bottom lines

How can I convert prospects into clients?

  • One thing you can do is ask them to try your products or service, especially for free. Just about everyone roaming the Internet loves free stuff. If your products or services perform up to their promise and the prospect needed what you offered, there is a high likelihood they will be happy to become a client
  • Ask those that have used your products or services to leave feedback on your blog that others can see. It never hurts to have information about your business written by someone that doesn’t work for you. You can also let your prospects in on how they will be treated as a client by seeing as much of the behind the scenes stuff as possible
  • Be consistent in what your blog has to offer. If readers come to expect premium information from your blog, keep giving it to them. Consistency is the key in not only gaining new clients, but keeping them, as well. If you set your bar high, make sure you can maintain that premium each and every day

How can I use my blog to connect with current clients?

  • Email your current clients and invite them to your blog for a special promotion. Give something to your clients they can only get at your blog and ask them to leave a comment or some feedback in exchange. Be sure to thank them for their time
  • Tell clients when they sign up for your products or services that transparency is very important to you and that you prefer they send their correspondence through your blog. This will send the message that your company is always open to praise and criticism and that you are responsible enough to make things right no matter what. Having their complaints resolved in public is an excellent way to build your reputation
  • Have regularly scheduled contests for not only prospects, but clients, as well. This is a great way to not only keep your clients active on your site, but also to give them an opportunity to talk to other clients and see how they feel about you. If you have been doing your job, they will have only good things to say and your good reputation will continue to spread

Other than one-on-one meetings, your blog is your best chance to build solid relationships with all your clients. Take advantage of your blog’s ability to bring people closer to your company and be as open as possible. People like to feel they are a part of something good. Use contests and promotions to your favor. Answer all questions, no matter how difficult they may be. These ideas may sound strange now, but in time, they will be expected. Those companies that fail to give their prospects and clients a front row seat into the goings on of their business will fall behind. Those that find creative ways to interact with their clients will continue to build solid reputations as a good company to business with. Be open, be creative, be responsible. By doing these three things, your small business blog will become a great way to attract new prospects and convert them into happy, long-term clients.