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Small Business Blogging Tip #18 – Build Up Your Traffic

Build Up Your TrafficIf you’ve been disciplined and putting your best effort into learning the blogging ins and outs, you are sure to have a few regular readers and have seen a few welcome spikes in traffic. You should also be getting more comfortable with your voice and writing style. By my 18th day of blogging, I was hooked. I hope you are, as well.

One thing that will definitely increase your enthusiasm for blogging is seeing your traffic continue to rise day after day. You probably have a pretty good understanding of how to increase that traffic, but after this article I want you to be comfortable in your new role and confident that you will be able to grow your traffic at will if you spend a little time each day studying your niche and honing your skills.

Even in the unlikely event that you aren’t gaining new readers each day, don’t let it get you down. Take your time during these early days of blogging and just enjoy your ability to express yourself and learn the fundamentals of this great new medium. Even though you are writing as a businessperson, you need to keep in mind that the more you write for your own enjoyment, the more others will enjoy your writing, too.

What kind of traffic should I expect to see at this juncture of my blogging career?

  • On my very first blog, I wasn’t aware of actually having a reader until nearly three months after starting it. No comments. No emails. Just me and my blog. Going through that experience was actually one of the best things that ever happened to me because I continued to write when there wasn’t any reason to do so. At times in our lives, we need to travel a lonely road to see clearly the things we truly love
  • Use this time wisely because you’re only going to go through it once. You’re either going to throw in the towel and call it quits when the traffic and notoriety you were expecting doesn’t come or you’re going to fall in love with blogging and find a way to write even more in the future. I’m embarrassed about how many blogs I author at this point, but the satisfaction I get from writing is nearly unparalleled. I’m sure you have a feeling already which side of that spectrum you are on and traffic is the least of the reasons you feel that way
  • This first month of blogging is going to be a memorable one for you. It’s not often we have weeks or months in our lives that we will always remember, but you are having one right now, for better or worse. Build your skills up as much as possible and prepare yourself for the long haul. Blogging is still a relatively new medium, but it is evolving rapidly. We both know all good things in life take effort and require us to prove ourselves at times. Blogging is no different. Don’t dwell on traffic numbers for the first few months. Instead, get into the mind state of a successful blogger and realize you are building a resource that doesn’t need to prove its worth yet. By developing focus now, you are giving yourself a much better chance at being successful later on

In what ways can I keep building my blog’s traffic numbers as a relatively unknown?

  • The most important thing from day one until the day you pull the plug on your blog, is to continue writing fresh quality content that entices readers to keep coming back. Open your mind and let the world discover your unique perspective on the world and your business. That’s what brought readers to your blog in the first place, and that’s what’s going to keep them coming back throughout your blog’s existence. Keep learning new things on your own and socializing with other bloggers when you have the free time. By staying informed and at the forefront of your niche, you are already paving your way to success
  • Continually educating yourself enough to be a thought leader in your niche should be another of your main goals. Like any business, though, you are going to have to market your blog and build up a reader base to justify your time and effort. If low traffic numbers are affecting you negatively, I’d advise you to just stay focused on the content and learning as much as possible for now. But if you can realize that you are building a long-term resource and intend to help as many people as possible, your success is nearly inevitable
  • Studying great bloggers and excellent marketing campaigns is yet another way you can prepare yourself for building traffic in the future. Getting out and commenting on other blogs will not only build your traffic, but it will also begin to set the foundation for the brand you are trying to create with your blog. Traffic will come. Build your skills accordingly and be ready for it when it does

How can I capitalize most on the early readers of my blog?

  • Like great musicians, bloggers need to support their early adopters as much as possible. These readers are the ones that are validating your blogging career if you think about it. Give them the best content you possibly can since that’s what they came for in the first place, but don’t forget to thank them in some other way for standing by you when hardly anyone else would. Come up with contests they can participate in and give away some of your products or services. Maybe they’ll appreciate those as much as they appreciate you
  • Reply to these readers by their first name and let them build up a reputation of ther own on your blog. By doing so, they’ll feel they are an important part of the experience your blog offers. You’ll also be improving your relationship with them and open up new opportunities for collaboration
  • Letting your early, loyal readers participate as much as possible on your blog is probably a good thing. Find out what these people are experts in and leverage their knowledge to build even more value into your blog by letting them write some guest posts. You might consider reciprocating and find new readers as a part-time author on their blog. Remember, blogging is about giving as much of yourself as you can afford and building synergistic relationships with others so that everyone can benefit. Don’t limit yourself with restrictions and rules. Go with the flow

Even when you pass a milestone you never thought you’d reach, the most important thing about your blog will be your content, your personality and your ability to make your readers feel good about their experience at your blog. The traffic will come as long as you build up the other areas of your blogging repertoire and refuse to give up under any circumstance. Enjoy the journey. Regardless of what happens, you are likely to look back on these early days of your blog with a longing to do it again. Slow down, increase your skills and prepare for what’s to come. In blogging, slow and steady wins the race.