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Small Business Blogging Tip #12 – Flagship Content

Flagship ContentMost successful bloggers will tell you that the best way to retain readers to your blog is to already have some valuable content already posted. Not just any content, but the content you plan on showcasing for a lengthy period of time on your blog. This type of content, usually referred to as flagship content, are the articles on your blog that continually bring a stream of traffic, months after they have been published.

Linkbait, an idea we will discuss at a later time, is similar to flagship content in that it is content your blog becomes known for, but it doesn’t have the long-term traits that great flagship content does. Think long and hard about the content you want your blog to become known for, because once you head down one road, it is awfully difficult to go back and start again. Keep your audience in mind and how you can connect that audience through your flagship content, to reach your marketing goals.

Why would I want to use flagship content on my blog?

  • By having the best content on your blog from the start, you have a better chance at converting visitors into subscribers
  • You want your blog to be known for having high quality content. One to do this is to have flagship content published before you start marketing your blog
  • Flagship content can be used throughout your blog as reference points to readers. Use links to your flagship content to help your readers get more from your future posts

When should I publish my flagship content?

  • Your flagship content should be posted as early in your blog’s life as possible. This will allow your blog to gain the long-term benefits of helping to define your blog and converting early readers to subscribers
  • Many bloggers post their flagship content prior to launching their blog or before going “live”. I’ve seen this strategy work time and time again
  • Other blogs, such as our own, plan on building flagship content every month as we go along. We could have had some posted prior to launching the blog, but this was a strategic decision in order to differentiate from our competitors

What types of flagship content can I write for my small business blog?

  • Rounding up all the resources concerning a specific topic in your niche is a popular type of flagship content
  • How-To’s and Tutorials are always popular choices for flagship content that entice readers to check out your blog
  • Content that paints your vision of the future of your niche or industry is also a good choice for your blog’s flagship content

Consider your flagship content to be the cornerstone of your blog, the content that will keep visitors coming for months after it is published. This content needs to be comprehensive and helpful and be different from the content that other blogs in your niche use as their flagship content. It should also have catchy titles that will stand out to readers, and be placed in highly visible areas of your blog so that it can be found easily.

Whether you have time to update your blog on a consistent basis or only have time to write short posts from time to time, do not rush through building up your flagship content. Besides the design of your blog itself, your flagship content has the ability to come to symbolize your blog more than any other factor. Put the time in early and enjoy the benefits that useful, well-thought out flagship content can bring to your blog.