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Small Business Blogging Tip #10 – Differentiate From Your Competition

Stand OutIn order to stand out from the over 100,000,000 blogs on the internet, you need to find a way to stand out from your competition. This may sound daunting, but once you realize the vast majority of those 100,000,000 blogs are either not very good or are cheap knockoffs of other blogs, you’ll see that standing out is not as difficult as it may seem. The first thing you need to do is figure out who your competition is and then spend some time reading their blogs to see what niche they are trying to fill.

The next thing you need to do is decide if you are going to do what they are doing, only better. Or you may decide to take a different approach on what they are doing. You may also try to find a completely different angle altogether and dig out your own niche. This last option is by far the most rewarding, as you will gain many more readers and in time, more clients. But it’s also the most difficult. Chances are someone, somewhere is doing something similar to what you want to do. If this is the case, you may still figure out a way to be completely different, but make sure you don’t sacrifice valuable content just to be different.

One way I have tried to make this blog stand out from the multitude of marketing blogs on the internet, is to give away as much of my expertise as possible, regardless of whether or not we sell that information as a service. I know by helping others succeed, others will help us succeed. I’ve also come up with innovative ways to package our posts so that over time, instead of losing value, they gain it. One last way I have tried to differentiate this blog from our competitors is to assume we have no competitors, and instead, view them as our peers. By highlighting some of these blogs on our own and bringing attention to them instead of taking it away from them, I hope to give our readers the tools they need to see for themselves which services are best for their needs.

From the very onset of your blog, do your best to stand out. Be better, more comprehensive, more helpful, more entertaining, more technical, more innovative. Do what it takes to be different, just don’t sacrifice the value of your blog to do it. Do your homework, see what others are doing, add your personality to the mix and get started building your base in your business’s niche.