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Small Business Blogging Month Syllabus

Small Business Blogging Syllabus

September is Small Business Blogging Month here at Prevail PR. Throughout the month, we will talk about how and why your small business can maximize the benefits of blogging, as well as delve into issues like maximizing value for your readers and some of the best free and low-cost techniques to market your blog. Join the discussion today and find out how you can best use blogging to increase awareness and understanding of your small business.

Tips on creating the best blog for your small business will be given daily, and you can talk about your experiences with business blogging, as well as help answer the questions of other business owners interested in starting a blog for their small business. If you’d like to join along, feel free to comment and let us know how things go. Throughout the month, you can expect to see great posts on:

  • 30 Ways To Create The Best Small Business Blog – Daily ideas on maximizing the potential of your small business blog.
  • Top Ten Business Blog Features – The ten best features you can add to your business blog and what they can do for you.
  • Marketing Moments – We’ll try out five free tactics and let you know how they went. Market along with us and let us know your results.
  • Growth Trait – Our growth trait for the month is keeping a journal. Keep an eye out for this in-depth article around the last week of the month.
  • Weekly Discussions – A new discussion will begin each weekday and carry on to the following week to allow you to implement and test new ideas, as well as add your own ideas to the discussion:
    • Monday – The best small business blogs we’ve come across in our excursions across the internet. If you think yours may be one of the best, let us know and maybe you’ll earn a post all to yourself.
    • Tuesday – The best ways to drive traffic to your small business blog. If you have some tips we’ve missed, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list for others to take advantage of.
    • Wednesday – What to think about when choosing an author for your small business blog. There’s more to consider than you’d think. What was your process like?
    • Thursday – Your small business needs a schedule and your author needs to maintain it. Each Thursday we’ll discuss the reasons having a schedule is so important.
    • Friday – Theme speedlinking – 10 good posts from the week on the theme topic (link building)

Our aim is to help all those interested in starting a small business blog to become experts at it and answer any questions they may have. If we’ve missed something, by all means, let us know and we’ll add it to our toolbox at the end of the month so that anyone seeking this information can find it all in one place. As always, any tips and advice you offer will be attributed to you which should help bring some more exposure to your own blogging efforts, our way of thanking you for your participation in Small Business Blogging Month here at Prevail PR.