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Set Your Blog Schedule Tip #5

Injuries & SicknessYet another great reason for having a blog schedule created for your business blog is that, well, things happen. You may not be able to post when you want. More pressing business may come up that requires your attention, leaving your blog waiting for the attention it deserves. You may have family emergencies, a local disaster or just not have the time. So what happens to your blog during these times? That’s up to you, but by having a plan in place, things will work out more in your favor and keep your readers happy.

One thing you can consider is having a backup blog author. As someone that likes controlling the information that we send out to the world as a company, I’m not a huge fan of this, but it’s better than not updating your blog for a prolonged period of time. I recently experienced some injuries that made it impossible to post, and as a result, our blog wasn’t updated for about two weeks. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. I take full responsibility, and I’ve tried to work twice as hard since I gained enough mobility in my arm to type. The better alternative would have been to have a backup author to take over while I was out.

One reason I never considered this option is that I’ve never been hurt and I haven’t been sick in over two decades. It simply didn’t occur to me. One of the reasons for writing these posts is to make things aware to our readers, and unfortunately, I learned my own lesson the hard way. Next time, there will be a plan in place in the event I’m not available.

If you do have a plan setup for a backup author, you are going to want to spend some time training that person so they can try to keep all your posts uniform. I intentionally write different types of posts in the exact same fashion. For example, the daily tips I write about always have an introduction, three questions I get most often from prospects and three examples or ideas they can use to answer that questions. I then end the post with a vision of how they can do even better. Each post series in the overall series are all written in a specific standard format so that one of my employees can easily step in and write according to an outline I create for them. Each series also wraps up by incorporating all the other posts in the series so that our readers can find each post in the series easily.

Perhaps in time, I will open up the blog more to allow some of my associates to share their ideas, but I have a very clear idea of how to build this blog and where I want it to be in a year. You should, as well. I have ideas for different series for at least the next 8 months, but I haven’t put them in order yet. That will depend on what parts of our business I’d like to highlight most that month or whether or not we’ve created a new service to offer.

Remember to use your blog as your company’s marketing machine. Tie all your other marketing tactics to those you are highlighting on your blog. The reason for this is that you can change and update your blog instantly and you can have a conversation with your prospects about your new marketing initiatives, all while being uniform with your blog schedule. That does no good if there isn’t someone to post for you, so for the last tip in this series, make sure you have a reserve author in the event something happens in your life that might keep you from posting yourself.

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