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Set Your Blog Schedule Tip #4

Target Areas Of Your BusinessAfter being detoured from my personal blogging schedule for over three weeks, I have come to realize even more the importance of setting a schedule. Because I had much of my schedule prepared, I was able to get a lot of work done with clients concerning aspects of work I’ve been working on recently here. But not having a larger database of prepared posts took its toll by not having any new posts published during that time.

Being unable to type as much as I would have liked didn’t stop me from keeping business moving in a forward direction because my prepared blogging schedule was already focused on certain areas of our business. Having this plan in place allowed me to focus on those clients that we were most interested in reaching, particularly those in need of blog and information product marketing. Targeting certain segments of the market you are after has advantages, but they can be greatly increased by knowing ahead of time which areas of your business you excel at, are trying to expand or which net the most profits.

Though I have been unable to post consistently, if at all, I have been able to focus all my attention on those clients and prospects that fall into one of the categories we were currently expanding. Had we not planned September’s Small Business Blogging and October’s Information Product Series, I would not have had a pool of clients with which to focus on. Targeting markets and highlighting areas of your business are similar in many ways, but the subtle nuances between them can have a great impact.

Targeting certain audiences in your market is more about knowing your clients, while highlighting specific areas of your business is more about furthering your overall business goals. A good analogy might be a Las Vegas casino. There are different areas of business (each casino game), but by knowing their clients, casinos can maximize their profits by offering each game with different monetary risks, as well as in different atmospheres with different staff.

You obviously want to get the products and services you offer into the right hands at the lowest cost, and you can do so by researching customer profiles. But how can you take your business and add new services, many of which may not be offered mainstream, if at all? The answer is to prepare ahead of time how you are going to introduce these products and services and how you will make them accessible to your readers or clients. Will you be making a video tutorial each and every Monday, or will you be creating a week long spectacle meant to maximize the amount of publicity you receive?

Depending on your business, the options are nearly endless, but as with most things in life, don’t overdo it. There is such a thing as too many features and services. Indeed, in today’s economic landscape, the trend has moved more towards a company specializing in only one or two services and trying to become the leader in that industry. Though we offer many services here, the idea of the one-stop shop is quickly fading. One reason we have been able to succeed with a somewhat similar approach to this is that we have a network of professionals each skilled in their own expertise, in a sense, a collective of specialty businesses tied together through the beauty and efficiency of the world wide web.

Because we added a new associate that specializes in ebook marketing, we planned to highlight this “new” area of our business with a blog series and a new service. Nature detoured this plan for a small period of time, but having a schedule is allowing us to get back to normal far easier than we would have been able to without one.

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