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Set Your Blog Schedule Tip #2

Set A Blog ScheduleBreeding reader familiarity and building trust in your company and blog is a powerful benefit of creating a schedule for your blog, but there are several other long-term advantages. Ask any blogger around what the hardest part about blogging is and they will usually tell you coming up with new content day after day. In fact, writer’s block strikes all writers at some point in time.

Non-bloggers may have the luxury of not knowing what to write about for a day or week, but most bloggers cannot afford to let their blogs sit idle for any long period of time. Especially for businesses who have worked so hard to build up their reader levels, not updating once you have been expected to can be a fatal error. If it becomes any bit of a regular occurrence, you can be sure all your hard work will become undone. Do away with writer’s block altogether by setting a planned schedule for your blog that guides you through the writing process and adds value to your blog through focus and intention.

By setting a blog schedule, you know beforehand what topics you will be writing about and on which days. There will be no worry about waking up in the morning and not having the inspiration to find something valuable to talk about. You look at your blog schedule, jot down the posts you had planned and start outlining how best to provide that information. You might want to start by reading some other posts on that topic or to use as references in your post, or by rereading your goals and deciding how to craft this post into one that supports your overall goals.

You can take best advantage of this blog schedule by reserving weeks or months for themes that you can write about and group together when the series ends. In this way, you can plan weeks in advance the posts you are going to be writing, allowing you to do large amounts of focused background research in less time. Not only will you avoid writer’s block, you should actually be very well prepared each day to write the posts you have scheduled for that day by virtue of knowing days or weeks ahead of time what types of things you’ll be writing about.

Setting a blog schedule will also press your boundaries as a blogger. You don’t have to know a topic inside and out to place it on your schedule at a future date. What you do need to know is how to become knowledgeable about that topic at some point prior to its schedule date, but by having it on a schedule, you’ll know that you need to soon research that topic. Press your boundaries. Without the fear of writer’s block hanging over your head, you can plan to write about anything and have the advanced knowledge of knowing when you need to know about it. Don’t use this as a license to be lazy. The blogosphere is a battlefield for information. If yours isn’t up to par, you will hear about it.

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