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Set Your Blog Schedule Tip #1

Maintaining a schedule for your blog is one of the key factors to its potential success. There are many reasons why scheduling your blogging efforts is so important, some of which we’ll discuss here each Thursday for the remainder of Small Business Blogging Month here at Prevail PR.

When you set a schedule for your blog, you give your readers a resource they can rely on. Imagine going to a store that’s usually open, but isn’t. Or a website that you were referred to and it’s down. It makes you think twice about visiting those places next time you are looking for whatever product or service they sell.

Consistency creates credibility. A personal blog may get away with not maintaining a consistent blog schedule, but even they will lose some readers from the resulting loss in credibility. Business blogs suffer far worse consequences. If your blog loses credibility, your business as a whole does, too. The importance of blogging lies in its ability to build an image of your company that if done right, lets readers see for themselves the value of your company and earns their trust.

This trust gives you permission to advance your marketing goals and lead prospects toward an informed decision about your company. If your products and services are sound and follow through on their promises, you will have given prospects the tools to understand how you can improve their life and the faith in you to do it.

It doesn’t matter if you are only able to post once a day or even week, the important thing is to be consistent. Deliver your scheduled posts without fail and let your readers expect it ahead of time. Your blog is a media outlet, whether you like it or not. It’s going to be judged as one, so you need to use the resources that lead to a media outlet’s advantage such as self-promotion, syndication and the ability to earn advertising revenue. Consistency is the driving force behind each of these attributes.

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