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Search Engine Optimization Challenge

Quest For Front Page Results For “San Luis Obispo Web Design”

We’ve focused so much of our SEO time and effort on the marketing side of our business and it has resulted in #1 Google rankings for “San Luis Obispo small business marketing” and “San Luis Obispo business marketing“, as well as a consistent spot in the Top 10 for “San Luis Obispo marketing”.  But if you search for “San Luis Obispo web design”, we’re nowhere to be found.

Web design and marketing need to work together, but this is very often not the case.  I’ve seen beautiful websites that cost $10,000 and more that don’t do the main job they were created to do: SELL.

In an effort to provide small business owners an affordable alternative to expensive “artsy” websites, we’ve recently been offering web design services with a satisfaction guarantee.  We also give them the tools and advice to help them turn their new sites into powerful lead and sales generation machines.

So far, all of our work has come from word-of-mouth, but today we roll up our sleeves and get to work on our quest for the front page of Google.  We also offer search engine optimization and marketing services that guarantee front page results in 60 days, so to practice what we preach, we’ve decided to hold ourselves accountable and post our results week by week as we set off on our journey to the Promised Land.

Currently, we are a dismal 67th in the search engine results, so we’ve got quite a ways to go.  Check back to see if we make it.