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San Luis Obispo Web Design Ranking Update 5

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SLO Web Design Challenge Final Results

In the SEO world, there are some keyword terms that are easier to obtain than others and other keyword terms that are practically impossible to breach.  In simple terms, there are keyword terms that command $20-$100 or more for the sponsored results listings that appear on the front page of Google when a search is made, and there are others that cost only a nickel.

Here in San Luis Obispo, the upper-echelon terms are those related to tourism, wineries, lawyers, financial planning and other professional services.  But no matter where you go, ownership of the top spot for “web design” will always be a fierce competition.  As more and more people jump on the web and leverage its uses for business, good web designers will continue to be in high demand, a recipe for saturation as web designer supply outweighs consumer demand.

To stand out in this flooded marketplace, web design companies can either focus on SEO or they can build their business on referrals.  In my opinion, they should do both.  By providing GUARANTEED RESULTS for our clients, we’ve been able to grow through referrals, but 60 days ago, we decided to challenge ourselves publicly and prove to all that we can back up our claim of getting you front page Google results within 60 days or your money back.

The challenge was pretty straight forward: get front page Google results for our targeted keyword term “San Luis Obispo web design”, a term that as we’ve discussed is highly sought after.  After a week, we had improved from irrelevant to on the map, debuting at #39, still wallowing in obscurity deep on the 4th page.  Not long after, we posted about our move all the way to the second page.  Yeah it was #19, but at least we’d made it to one-click territory.

Not bad for a couple weeks of work.  But the real test was coming up.  It’s nice getting to the second page, but each spot from here on out would need to be earned, as the others ahead of us were all established companies that have been doing business in the county for far longer than us, sometimes by as much as 12 years!  They’d earned their spots by delivering satisfaction over years of time.  Our challenge was to earn ours through method and testing, experience and experimentation.

After 20 days, some of our efforts began to appear on the front page, however, our domain itself was still making strides landing in at #15.  After 31 days, our halftime report card was very encouraging.  Two of our posts routinely showed up on the front page, and our main domain made surprise visits from time to time in the Top 10.  But we still had work to do.  Now that day 60 has finally come, it’s time to take a look at where we stand.  Will we have to give our money back or will we earn another happy referral?

And The Top 10 Google Results For “San Luis Obispo web design” Are…

1. Spider Web Logic

2. Corvus Art

3. iTech Solutions

4. A national ad for freelance designer jobs

5. AP Logic

6. The 805 Collective

7. Website Ink


9. SLO Web Promotion

10. A craigslist ad for a web design job

san luis obispo web design seo rankingWe’re thrilled to say that we’ve actually cracked the Top 10 coming in the 8th spot, and expect in the coming weeks or months to move up even further.  We’re also #7 for the term “SLO web design” and routinely trade places with our longer-established counterparts.  Time may not be on our side, but effort, know-how and a passion to be great at what we do have gotten us this far.

To help us celebrate completion of our challenge, we’re offering all San Luis Obispo County small businesses the opportunity to put our Search Engine Optimization skills to the test with a 20% discount.  If we don’t do for you at least what we’ve just done for ourselves, you get your money back anyway, but your starting cost will be a little lower and we hope that combination is enough to get you to give it a try.

More and more of your prospects are researching products and services just like yours online before they buy, and if they can’t find you on the front page, they may very well never find you.  Are you ready to see the difference guaranteed front page Google results can make for your small business?

If so, give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll set up a free consultation to discuss your needs.