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San Luis Obispo Web Design Ranking Update 3

san luis obispo web design

Can We Move Up 15 Spots In 40 Days?

We’re already #1 for keywords like “san luis obispo marketing”, “san luis obispo business marketing” AND “san luis obispo small business marketing”, but after 20 days of working on our search engine optimization for the keyword “san luis obispo web design”, we’ve had a couple of exciting breakthroughs.  First of all, we have spent most of the last week comfortably on the second page for our the main URL of our site.

While the point of this experiment has always been to get our main url listed on the front page of Google through organic SEO efforts, some of our posts updating our status have also begun to rank. As you can see from the picture below, our last post in this series actually hit the front page of Google just four days after we published it.

san luis obispo web design #8

It’s not likely that these posts will stay in these positions, but nonetheless, it’s still a good sign to see and proof that our SEO strategies really work.  Will we be successful and be able to move up 15 more spots in the next 40 days?  Check back soon for our next update and find out!

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