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San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery

If there were a way for you to grow your San Luis Obispo business with no risk at all, would you try it?

Well guess what?

There is!

Announcing San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery

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Are you seriously still using the Yellow Pages?

Marketing is the driving force behind your business success, but with so many options, where do you start?

With our San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery service, we take total control of your marketing operations, leaving you the time to focus on your business.

From start to finish across the most efficient marketing channels for your business, we create a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your local business.  We then proceed to implement the action steps outlined in your marketing plan over a 3-month period over which time you’ll receive detailed progress reports keeping you up-to-date.

So what’s all included with this service?

Our clients often tell us our proposals are more valuable than services they’ve actually purchased from other San Luis Obispo marketing companies.

San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery Outline

[toggle_content heading=”Development Of USP”]Your unique selling proposition (USP) is one of the most important steps for any small business.  If you have competitors, it’s vital to let your potential customers know why they should choose your business over other local businesses selling similar products and services. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Leveraging Existing Processes”]Nearly every business has hidden marketing assets, but fail to leverage them in any meaningful way.  The San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery service will dig up these existing processes and optimize them for maximum potential.[/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Database Marketing”]It’s often said in marketing that “the money is in the list”.  This is especially true for small businesses in smaller markets like San Luis Obispo.  Selling to new customers is expensive.  Selling to past and current customers is far easier and much more profitable. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Strategic Alliances”]No matter what type of business you run, there are other business owners, organizations and individuals who can gain from a strategic alliance with you.  Endorsements and joint ventures are just a couple of the ways we’ll go about building new streams of income into your business. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Community Relationships”]Here in San Luis Obispo, the need for a public relations and community development strategy is a common theme with those who succeed.  The more you give back to our community, the more our community gives back to you. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Direct Mail”]Printing and mailing costs continue to rise, but that hasn’t kept direct mail from being one of the most cost-effective forms of local marketing.  Coupons, postcards, flyers, sales letters and more can generate big predictable profits for your small business. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Barter”]There’s nothing worse than overstocked inventory sitting around collecting dust.  Put your excess stock to work for you, reducing your costs and overhead in the meantime.  A smart bartering strategy also builds tremendous goodwill in you and your business.[/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”E-Commerce”]If it’s possible to sell your products and services online, we’ll make it happen.  If it’s not, we’ll develop other products and services that you can sell online to build yet another stream of income into your business. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Advertising”]Advertising often gets a bad rap, but for good reason.  Advertising the wrong way can literally put you out of business.  And relying on advertising to grow your business isn’t much better.  But advertising the Prevail PR way brings predictable results you can track and improve on a consistent basis.[/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Social Media”]An integrated social media strategy including Facebook marketing, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Flickr will take your business to new levels.  We’ll coordinate efforts across all 5 networks and develop a wide range of content to publish on each. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Web Design”]Even if you already have a website, a new website is included in your purchase to be used either as a companion to your current website or to replace it altogether.  Your new website will include all the features included in our lead-generation website packages and is yours to keep forever, including a mobile version that displays your products and services on smart phones and other mobile devices. [/toggle_content] [toggle_content heading=”Search Engine Optimization”]No marketing plan is complete without a thorough search engine optimization strategy.  Yours will include a local directory listings campaign, full Google Places optimization and maintenance and all the services included in our powerful Local SEO Dominance package.[/toggle_content]

And all that’s just the beginning.  San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery will guide your business to continued success for years to come.  all you need to decide is whether you want to follow our plan yourself or let us keep doing it for you after your initial three month agreement expires.

[alert-yellow] Remember, you only pay at the end of each month if you are completely satisfied with the results you are getting.  That means NO RISK to you.[/alert-yellow]

If you’d like to see our marketing mastery process in more detail, check this out then give us a call!

[alert-blue]Download our San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery Mindmap for a full list of marketing duties we’ll handle for you.[/alert-blue]

Ready to get started?

Call (805) 456-8636 to reserve a free phone consultation and find out in detail how San Luis Obispo Marketing Mastery can help you grow your business risk-free.