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Reminder – September is Blogging Month

Just a reminder to all our readers. September is blogging month here at Prevail PR. For the entire month, we will be exposing the reasons your business should be blogging and the ways you can best be doing it.

Each day, we will bring you tips for success, news and reviews of the latest blogging tools, as well as hold discussions with you, the reader, where you share your ideas and gain trust and publicity for your insight. Our discussions for the month are:

  1. The Top 5 Business Blogs (Monday’s)
  2. 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business Blog (Tuesday’s)
  3. 5 Things To Consider In Choosing An Author For Your Business Blog (Wednesday’s)
  4. 5 Reasons Scheduling Is So Important (Thursday’s)
  5. End of Week Speed-linking – Great Business Blogging Articles (Friday’s)

These discussions will begin on each first weekday of the month and continue the next week on the same day. Share your thoughts in the comments and come back the next week to see where the discussion goes. If your ideas are used in a post, you’re name and website will be attributed, bringing your business even more attention. There will also be a contest for best guest comment. We’ll nominate 5, you guys pick the best one and the winner will get a free bonus in addition to the profound admiration of the Prevail PR community.

Remember to leave your comments below to be the first to have a post written about your ideas.