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Need Some Inspiration?  Look No Further.

One of the best ways to get ahead in life is to learn from the experts in your chosen field that came before you.  In marketing, this is especially true because human nature changes so little over time and the techniques that were successful in the past are just as successful today.

In the years I’ve been honing my marketing skills, I’ve spent a vast amount of time poring through the life works of some pretty incredible marketers, many of whom have profoundly changed my views on the industry as a whole.  Indeed, I started my career as a journalist with little respect for contemporary marketing, but as I grew older and wiser, and stumbled across more and more brilliant and honorable marketers, I began to see marketing as a tool for helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and not as one to push unwanted products.

As a source of inspiration to aspiring marketers and seasoned vets alike, I’ve collected the names and vital information of those who have come before me, men with vision who continue to push the scientific boundaries of marketing.  The gurus of marketing who help make marketing the terrific and rewarding profession it can be.


25+ Marketers All Marketers Should Study

1.  Jay Conrad Levinson – The “father” of guerrilla marketing.

2.  Zig Ziglar – The “father” of motivational sales.

3.  Jay Abraham – The “father” of the Power Parthenon and the world’s highest-paid marketing consultant.

4.  Dan Kennedy – The “father” of million dollar direct mail campaigns.

5.  Brian Tracy – The “father” of self-help success.

6.  Seth Godin – The “father” of permission marketing.

7.  Malcolm Gladwell – The “father” of marketing psychology and best-selling author.

8.  Stephen Covey – The “father” of effective habits.

9.  Joe Vitale – The “father” of metaphysical marketing.

10.  Robert Allen – The “father” of no-money-down real estate.

11.  Yanik Silver – The “father” of adventure experiences and sales letter guru.

12.  Al Ries – The “father” of position marketing.

13.  Jack Canfield – The “father” of chicken soup… for the soul.

14.  Gary Halbert – The “father” of direct response advertising and the world’s greatest copywriter.

15.  Marlon Sanders – The “father” of online information products.

16.  Joe Polish – The “king” of carpet cleaning.

17.  Chris Anderson – The “father” of the “long tail” and champion of FREE.

18.  John Jantsch – The “father” of sticky marketing.

19.  Joe Girard – World’s Greatest Salesperson.

20.  Mark Joyner – The “father” of the irresistible offer.

21.  Perry Marshall – The “father” of Google Adwords.

22.  Ken Evoy – The “father” of preselling.

23.  Michel Fortin – Sales copywriter and conversion specialist.

24.  Robert Scoble – Technical evangelist at Microsoft and uber-blogger.

25.  Darren Rowse – The “father” of problogging.

26.  Dosh Dosh – Internet marketing extraordinaire.

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27.  Brian Clark – The “father” of copyblogging.

This list is, of course, a work in progress.  As the marketing industry continues to evolve, new marketing pioneers continue to appear on the horizon.  While this is mainly a list of those who have inspired me over the years, please feel free to suggest additions in the comments below and help us improve this almanac.