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Managing Without Authority Workshop

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How To Lead People The Way They Want To Be Led

Managing Without Authority” was the hot topic at the 9th CCWN Business Connection workshop last night at The Clubhouse in San Luis Obispo.  A group of over 30 local business women got together over dinner to discuss everything from the latest in home culinary technology and tips on today’s most effective business attire to new ideas on leading groups of people towards a common goal.

To lead things off, Amy O’Kane displayed her passion for handmade handbags and accessories, custom-made for your next special occasion.  She was followed by Pampered Chef consultant, Mary Anne Duarozan and Tess Krukow of Equilibrium Club Fitness.

After the initial introductions, guest speaker Patricia Borgardt of Mobility Therapy in Grover Beach took the floor and educated the audience on the virtues of developing a leadership strategy that earns the best from others instead of demanding it. She spoke on topics such as opportunities to influence people and how to spot the best members for a winning coalition and made an excellent case for giving up power instead of abusing it.

Interesting Notes:

9 Faces of Leadership

1. Charisma – A leader must be able to earn the respect of his or her followers.  Natural born charisma goes a long way towards reaching this goal.

2. Individual Consideration – Good leaders recognize and acknowledge the accomplishments of the individuals around them.

3. Intellectual Stimulation – Great leaders are also adept at stirring the intellectual curiosity in others, thereby maximizing their contributions.

4. Courage – All people, especially leaders, must make hard decisions in life.  Good leaders make these decisions with confidence.

5. Dependability – People will only believe in you so far.  If you don’t follow through on your word, you can’t expect the people you lead to either.

6. Flexibility – One of the best traits of a leader is being able to listen to the good advice from those they surround themselves with.  Build a gameplan, and adjust accordingly.

7. Integrity – Leaders are the moral compass of their organizations.  With a leader lacking character in charge, don’t expect that organization to go far.

8. Judgment – In business, hundreds of decisions need to be made each day.  More often than not, the person calling the shots needs to have make good judgment calls to succeed.

9. Respect For Others – Just because you are in charge, doesn’t make you more important.  Embrace diversity and you’ll excel.

Leadership Strategies

1. Empower Yourself – To be a leader, you must assume the position of leader.

2. Share The Vision – Your vision and follow through are key components of your leadership.  Help people buy into your vision by sharing it with them.

3. Build The Team – Few organizations get far without a solid team behind the scenes.  Use your skills to find the right people for the right jobs.

4. Determine Boundaries – Let everyone know exactly what you expect from them.  Set defined goals for each member of the team.

5. Emphasize Benefits – Every job has benefits.  It’s up to you to show your team what they will get from doing a good job.

6. Use The Word “We” – No one wants to work for a dictator.  Share responsibilities and rewards with your team and make sure they know they are a part of it.

7. Celebrate Victories – How can you expect to succeed if you aren’t prepared.  Keep a cold bottle of bubbly on hand for even small successes.

To end the evening, Sabrina Haggie of Bella Image Consulting gave her expert advice on how to dress for success in today’s marketplace.  Though directed towards a female audience, putting more thought into what we wear to work is sound advice for all of us.

Thanks again to Jacky Lopez for a terrific evening and all the speakers for another successful business networking event.