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Local Flyer Promotion

Hope you all had an enjoyable Veteran’s Day. I got loads of work, and even more important, organizing, finished so that I can start the new week with a bang. The reason I’ve been so motivated lately is that despite my employees being “virtual”, I really see a huge hole in the local market here for quality AND affordable marketing services.

In an effort to meet the needs of this market, I planned a two-week local promotion that will end up costing $12.42 but should bring in a fair amount of new local clients. The $12.42 was spent on printing up 500 double-sided flyers that I’m passing out at our Chamber of Commerce and to pre-selected businesses in our downtown area. This area has been losing many small businesses thanks to an earthquake a few years back requiring the need for all buildings to be retrofitted. Add to that, rent has tripled for some and competing against the onslaught of big box stores has gotten even harder.

This is where we come in. I’ve talked to several owners about subscription marketing services that fit within their budget and most of them have expressed their interest in signing up. So to get the word out, I created this flyer (pdf) and pre-selected 50 businesses that I’m going to go to personally to hand them out to.

I’ve already had some great feedback on the flyer, mainly because they were written with 4 specific goals in mind:

  1. Establish Prevail PR As The Best (Or Only) Marketing Option For Local Small Businesses
  2. Get New Prospects To Sign Up
  3. Get Those That Sign Up To Tell Their Friends, Thereby Earning 20% Off Their Next Purchase For Each Referral, Up To 100% Off
  4. Announce Coming “Here And Now News” Newsletter

Because the flyer is actually worth $197 to those that sign up first, the flyer should perform most of the prospecting work by attracting those that are most interested in marketing services. The fact it’s worth so much should also build some buzz around our service and get our name out to the business core of our community.

Once new prospects sign up, the word-of-mouth element will kick in by enticing new prospects to refer others because the quicker they do, the more they will save — up to an entire year. At this point, all we have to do is our job and we should have a flood of new clients to serve. Once we have earned the trust of these new clients, our local newsletter will gain credibility, as well. The reasons for starting this newsletter are:

  • To create a publication that engages the reader, thus becoming a breathing testimonial of the style of advertising we advocate here at Prevail PR
  • To gather, analyze and supply valuable information to the community about the issues facing their downtown area
  • To create an advertising platform for local businesses that better reaches their prospects while increasing our revenue stream
  • To continue establishing the Prevail PR brand as one of innovation, loyalty and passion for helping small businesses succeed
  • To show that online and offline newsletters are valid marketing tools
  • To be a testing ground for upcoming marketing tactics we plan on using in the future

Looks to be an exciting week here. I’ll be sure to get some posts in for the Information Product Series, as well as keep you all up to date on what’s going on with this extremely affordable marketing promotion.

Enjoy your days off, and thanks for spending some of it here.