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How To Get On Demand Small Business Advice

If you have a small business question concerning taxes, laws, marketing or even financing, where is the first place you look? Google? Business forums? Your lawyer? All are great options, but now is there is a new service you may want to check out to get your answers quickly and easily. What is it? Ask Jim!

Ask Jim is a search engine for small business questions. Its tagline is “Small Business Answers – NOW!”, and from the questions I asked, it does a fairly adequate job of giving some good advice. As a business owner myself and someone whose background is in information gathering, I wouldn’t rely solely on this service, but it’s a pretty good starting point and should give you an idea as to what to do next.

My advice is to always check at least 5-10 sources before determining what the correct answer is to your question, but as a repository for small business information, Ask Jim is a pretty neat service. According to the site, their goals are to:

Stop the pain. Small business owners have issues that arise which, without the right information, can become sources of management pain. AskJim.biz has been developed to stop that pain with thousands of “cut-to-the-chase” answers, delivered in real time. That’s entrepreneurial pain relief in a pill, not a procedure.

Turn frustration into ROI. Small business owners can get frustrated when they don’t know how to manage the challenges and opportunities they face in starting, running and growing a business. Fast answers from AskJim.biz can translate to fast return on investment.

It just works. We think the best thing that can be said of any technology, or technology delivered content is, “it just works.” That’s why we’ve developed AskJim.biz to be simple, uncluttered, form follows function, all about you, the user.

The world will be a better place. We think the world will be a better place when entrepreneurs have the maximum opportunity to be successful. For small business, success in the light-speed global marketplace means access to information — right now — at AskJim.biz.

No barrier to entry. If you can get to AskJim.biz, you can get the answers you need, compliments of Small Business Network, Inc., our Brain Trust Contributors, and of course, our outstanding corporate sponsors. You get smarter, no one has to know how you did it, and you can’t beat the price.

I imagine that in time, once they have had an opportunity to build up a comprehensive resource, you may be able to rely more on this service so keep an eye out on Ask Jim. It just may save you loads of time and money in the future.