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HOW TO: 25 Twitter Strategies To Improve Your Business

Twitter Can Help You Build Your Brand

To many people, Twitter doesn’t make a lot of sense at first.  How in the world can sending little 140 character messages to a bunch of people, many of whom you’ve never met, help you grow your business and build your brand?

First, you have to ask yourself what it is you are trying to accomplish.  I’m a huge believer in planning things first and testing the results as you go along.  Using Twitter should be no different than the rest of your marketing efforts.  In order to help you understand how Twitter can help your business grow, here are a few ideas for you to think about during your brainstorming sessions.

25 Strategies For Building Your Business Brand On Twitter

1.  Arrange Meetups – Staying connected with your customers and vendors is vital for success in today’s marketplace.  Send periodic Tweets about upcoming meetups with other local Twitter users.

2.  Get Feedback – Ask your customers their thoughts on your products and services.  Because everyone will get your request at once and they can reply easily, you can get a lot of feedback in a short amount of time.

3.  Grow Your Traffic – Promote your blog and website through Tweets.  Blog posts about your industry make excellent Tweets.

4.  Connect With Others – Share other links of interest to you with your network.  By providing useful information, you make it desirable to connect with and follow you.

5.  Find Out Who’s Talking About You – By using #hash searches, you can see what others are saying about your company.  All you have to do is type #yourcompanyname in the Twitter search box and all posts with your company name will come up.

6.  Promote Social Bookmark Submissions – If you have submitted your blog posts to social bookmarking sites like Digg and delicious, promote these links on Twitter to increase their popularity and thus, traffic to your blog.

7.  Stay Informed On Your Industry – News breaks in real-time on Twitter.  If something big happens in your industry, it may very well break on Twitter first.  Keep up with industry news with #hash searches on desired topics.

8.  Post Jobs – Got a job opening?  Post it on Twitter and you’re bound to get some qualified candidates with links to their websites where you can do a little homework.

9.  Provide Live Coverage Of Your Events – If you hold company events or workshops, announce them on Twitter and provide updates throughout so those who could not attend can follow along.

10. Connect With Industry Influencers – Do some searches for those who are influential on your industry and follow them.  You can even send them a direct message; however, you should do so very sparingly.

11. Share Industry News – Got the scoop on some inside industry news?  Break the news on Twitter and build your credibility.

12. Conduct Market Research – Twitter is the perfect tool for conducting research.  You can run polls and surveys, ask questions and follow niche topics all through Twitter.

13. Reinforce Your Current Relationships – Keep in touch with your contacts with Twitter.  Because posts are so short, you can easily keep up-to-date with your current contacts to build on those relationships.

14. Promote Specific Content – Got a new product, service or sale?  Promote these things on Twitter to get the word out fast.

15. Project Communication – If you have a project with multiple workers, stay in the loop through Twitter.  Use #’s in your posts to tag them so each member can find them easily.

16. Pitching Journalists & Bloggers – Press releases not getting the job done?  Try pitching your story ideas to journalists through Twitter.  You may want to email them first to see if they are interested in getting story ideas in this manner before you try it.

17. Find Joint Venture Relationships – Joint ventures are a great way to grow your business without spending a fortune.  Look for suitable partners on Twitter and send them a direct message with your idea.

18. Idea Generation – Need a new idea for a blog post, product or service offering or promotion?  Ask the Twitter community and get feedback almost instantly.

19. Client Oversight – If part of your job entails keeping track of what people think about your clients, Twitter is the perfect tool.  Use # searches with your client’s company name to find out what people are saying.

20. Answer Questions – People ask questions through Twitter all day long.  Keep an eye out for questions related to your industry that you can answer to build your company’s credibility.

21. Eliminate Cold Calls – Got a prospect you’d like to approach with a business proposition?  If they are on Twitter, you can follow them to find out how they operate so you’ll have a better understanding of how to speak to them on the phone.  You may even find out they’d prefer to be contacted through Twitter.

22. Competitive Research – As with client oversight, it’s an easy task keeping up with your competitors on Twitter through the use of # searches.  Identify your competitors who are on Twitter and follow their timelines.

23. PR Tool – Sometimes bad things happen.  Instead of burying your head in the sand, be proactive and explain your side of the story and how you are going to be accountable.  Launch your crisis prevention campaign on Twitter for an immediate jump on damage control.

24. Event Reminder – In addition to arranging meetups, you can also remind your Twitter followers of upcoming events.  this works especially well at the last minute.

25. Hold Contests – Everybody loves contests.  Hold your contest on Twitter to build excitement and grow your followers.

Twitter may look a little silly at first, but once you get to understand how you can use this free service to grow your business and build your brand, you’ll begin to see why it has fast become one of the most popular destinations on the Internet.  You may not have time to put all of these strategies into practice, but you can pick and choose the ones that are most immediate for your business needs and see results almost immediately.