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HOW TO: 25 Facebook Strategies To Improve Your Business

Facebook Can Help You Build Your Brand

No matter what type of business you are in, it’s virtually impossible to go a day without hearing something about social networking in general and the largest social network of them all, Facebook, specifically.  A big reason Facebook has become so commonplace is that small businesses just like yours have jumped on the social networking bandwagon and are now actively spending time and money on building a community around their products and services.

Wondering why you too should join in the social networking exodus?  Below, we’ve outlined 25 strategies you can start using today to leverage the power of Facebook and the hundreds of millions of users who use Facebook everyday.

25 Strategies For Building Your Business Brand On Facebook

1.  Create An Engaging Profile – Before you set out on the Facebook frontier, spend some time thinking about your goals and the ways in which you’d like to interact with your customers.  Then spend time creating your profile so that it drives traffic to your targeted landing pages or other useful information.  Be sure to fill out your profile completely, including uploading a picture of yourself.

2.  Add Relevant Friends – The more friends you have, the bigger your marketing results will be.  Search for those in your target market or those you can create joint venture or networking opportunities with and add them as friends.  Try to limit your list to those you have time to build relationships with or who will gain value from being your friend.

3.  Join Groups – There are literally millions of groups on Facebook, many of which can help you grow your business.  Do your homework and find groups where your target customers congregate or where key players in your industry exchange information and join them.  Once you’ve been accepted, be a valuable member of the group by providing unique insight or tips on getting the most from your products and services.

4.  Start A Group – Once you’ve become a member of Facebook, you have the ability to create a group for anything you can think of. Be creative and create groups for collecting market research, for building an affiliate network or for offering exclusive promotions for your products and services.

5.  Comment On Other Profiles – Facebook is about building relationships. One way you can do this is by commenting on other profiles and offering advice or links to helpful information.  By commenting on other profiles, you also greatly expand your visibility to other Facebook members.

6.  Syndicate Your Blog – Another way to expand your visibility is to syndicate your company blog on your Facebook profile.  By syndicating your RSS feed in your profile, it will update automatically every time you update your blog, saving you time and publishing your content to another audience.

7.  Announce Events – Your Facebook profile is also a great place to announce and promote your company events.  By doing so, you can also allow people to RSVP and leave comments before and after the event all in one place.

8.  Arrange Meetups – If you’ve done well building a local following on Facebook, you can invite your friends to meet ups where they can mingle and talk with other fans of your business.  This is also a great way for you to spend some time with those who are most passionate about your company and put in some valuable face time.

9.  Get Feedback – Because Facebook profiles are inherently interactive, they are a great place to get feedback from your customers on specific topics like customer service and satisfaction of your products and services.  Be creative and find out how you can do a better job providing value to your customers and they’ll thank you for taking the time to ask them for their opinion.

10. Grow Your Traffic – In some circumstances, you may find that your Facebook profile gets more traffic than your actual business website or blog.  Instead of looking at this as a problem, take the opportunity to funnel that traffic to your website by including links to special offers or new articles on your blog.

11. Promote Your Social Bookmark Submissions – If you’ve submitted your blog posts to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon, promote these links on your Facebook profile through status updates.

12. Stay Informed On Your Industry – Facebook has a treasure trove of market information for just about every industry.  Search around and visit profiles, join groups, comment on fan pages and participate in discussions on key topics in your industry to stay more informed than your competition.

13. Post Jobs – Even if your business is local in nature, you can find incredible talent on Facebook that can help you build your business.  Be creative with your marketing and outsource individual tasks to other members that match your criteria.  Review their profiles to find out more about potential candidates, including what other people they’ve worked for say about them.

14. Connect With Industry Influencers – Connecting with key players in your industry is a good idea for all business owners.  Search for and add the key players in your industry as friends and then take the time to build relationships with them.  Provide them with valuable content they can share with their networks and they’ll return the favor.

15. Share Industry News – Building your reputation as a thought leader on Facebook is a powerful strategy you can easily implement without having to invest much time in Facebook itself.  If you’re already someone who knows a lot about your specific industry, share this information through Facebook and people will want to add you, growing your audience organically.

16. Provide Customer Service – Your Facebook profile is also a great way to enhance your customer service.  People can quickly and easily ask questions or leave comments and you can just as easily and quickly answer.  It also allows you to resolve these issues publicly, which likely will answer similar questions from other customers.

17. Project Communication – If you have a project with multiple workers, stay in the loop through Facebook.  You can easily use the wall in your profile to allow efficient group collaboration on any number of projects.

18. Pitching Journalists & Bloggers – Press releases not getting the job done?  Try pitching your story ideas to journalists through Facebook.  You may want to email them first to see if they are interested in getting story ideas in this manner before you try it.

19. Client Oversight – If part of your job entails keeping track of what people think about your clients, Facebook is a powerful tool.  Use Facebook’s search feature to find discussions or comments about your client’s company to find out what people are saying.

20. Competitive Research – As with client oversight, it’s an easy task keeping up with your competitors on Facebook through the use of the search feature.  Identify your competitors who are on Facebook and follow their status updates for an inside look at how they do things.

21. PR Tool – Sometimes bad things happen.  Instead of burying your head in the sand, be proactive and explain your side of the story and how you are going to be accountable.  Launch your crisis prevention campaign through a Facebook status update for an immediate jump on damage control.

22. Hold Contests – Everybody loves contests.  Hold your contest on Facebook to build excitement and grow your friend list.

23. Send Virtual Gifts – Show your appreciation for top customers, employees, vendors or colleagues with a virtual Facebook gift.  There are hundreds of options, allowing you to use this feature to give some well-deserved attention to valuable people to your business.

24. Install Facebook Apps – Facebook’s meteoric rise is due largely to the third-party applications that have made the site so versatile.  Spend some time looking over some of the more popular applications and think of new ways you can use them to build better relationships with your audience.

25. Advertise On Facebook – As time goes, on Facebook’s advertising platform has become as highly regarded as Google’s.  Built-in features allow you to target the exact audience you are trying to reach for a very affordable price and allow you to reach a larger audience than you are currently reaching now.

Depending on the time you have to invest in your social networking campaign, you may decide to only use a few of these ideas.  The most important things are to plan ahead, set goals and implement the ideas that will help you reach those goals in the fastest and most efficient manner.

All businesses are different and require different strategies, so don’t think that just because something hasn’t been done, it shouldn’t be done.  Get creative and be fun and you’ll not only enjoy the time you spend building your Facebook presence, you’ll also realize far better results.