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HOW TO: 25 Bonus Business Twitter Tips

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25 More Twitter Tips For Business Success

Twitter may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try.  Sign up, get some followers, develop your strategy, browse and implement some tools and then try some of these tips to progress your business goals.

1.  Extended Bio – If you find that the 160 characters allotted for your Twitter bio is simply not enough to get your main point(s) across, a good idea is to place a link in your bio that connects to a longer bio or landing page on your website or blog.  This way, you can get additional traffic, as well as have more control over what those reading your bio see.

2.  Do Not Spam – Spam is spam, whether it’s in your email inbox or on Twitter.  Be a valuable member of the community and you’ll get more positive results.

3. Repost Your Best Tweets – Most people login to Twitter once or twice a day at best.  If you Tweet in the morning, many of your nighttime followers may very well miss them, and vice versa.  If you have time, resend your best Tweets at different ends of the day.

4.  Post A Weekly Twitter Roundup – On the Internet, content is the name of the game.  Just because you have published content once doesn’t mean that you can’t publish it again and get some extra mileage out of it.  Publish a post on your blog of all the Tweets you posted throughout the week to allow your followers to find them all in one central location.

5.  Promote Twitter Static Pages – Did you know that your individual Tweets get their own static pages on Twitter?  It’s true, and because they do, you can promote these pages on your blog or website like any other page on the web.

6.  Promote Those In Your Network – People love to be acknowledged.  When you find great content in Tweets from your followers, retweet this information for the rest of your network to appreciate and build goodwill with the follower you retweeted at the same time.

7.  Claim Your Twitter Profile On Technorati – If you have a blog, you should already have claimed it at Technorati for extra exposure.  Interestingly enough, you can also claim your Twitter profile on Technorati.

8.  Start Multiple Accounts – If you think you may have competition for your company name, you should take the time to open multiple accounts to claim names similar to your own that may cause confusion down the line.  You can also start accounts for different departments within your organization.

9.  Keep A Balanced Ratio – Whether you’re following more people or have more followers is unimportant.  What is important is that you keep these numbers balanced so that it at least appears that you are participating in the community and not just taking from it.

10. Customize Your Background – In addition to changing the colors and background picture of your Twitter account, there are numerous ways for you to customize your profile altogether.  Do a search on Google for Twitter templates, custom Twitter backgrounds, custom Twitter profile, etc.

11. Optimize Your Bio – You don’t have a lot of space in your bio to explain everything you do.  Instead, use this space to entice users to follow you by offering some sort of reward.

12. Landing Page URL – The majority of people and businesses place their domain name in their bio, but a better idea is to put the URL for a specific landing page you’d like your Twitter followers to see first.

13. Find Out Why People Stop Following You – Just like you should figure out why those on your customers list stop buying from you, you should find out why people on your Twitter list stop following you.  Use Qwitter to get alerts when people stop following you and see the last Tweet you posted before they did.

14. Engage In Conversations – Start conversations with those you find interesting or answer questions proposed by those in your target market.  In order to keep track of the conversation, reference the person you are talking to by placing an @ in front of their name; for example, @prevailpr would notify me that you are speaking to or about Prevail PR.

15. Create A Twitter Page On Your Website – If you create a dedicated page on your website for Twitter, it has a good chance of showing up in search engine results, as well as being a great landing page for you to add to your Twitter bio.

16. Use Judgment – Not every person that you follow is good.  Just like in the real world, it’s wise to stay away from unsavory characters and those with names that could offend your target market.

17. Thank Your Followers – In your Twitter settings, you can choose to either receive or not receive email notifications of new followers.  If you choose to receive these messages, be sure to thank each of your followers as they come or do so automatically with tools like TweetLater.

18. Use Polls To Get Follower Feedback – Services like PollDaddy make it easy for you to add polls to your Tweets.  Ask the right questions to get the feedback you need to improve your business or increase sales.

19. Track Your Links – One of the best things to place in your Tweets are links to content your followers might find interesting, especially if they are links to your own content.  Use services like Tweetburner or Budurl to track the click rates of these links.

20. Block Unwanted Followers – Just like in your store, you reserve the right to refuse service to anyone on Twitter.  Some followers can even harm your brand by Tweeting about explicit material and sending it through your timeline.  If you feel uneasy about a follower, do not hesitate to block them by visiting their profile and clicking block.

21. Put Keywords In Your Tweets – Because your Tweets turn into static pages, it’s a good idea for you to include keywords in the first third of your Tweets so that they will show up not only in keyword searches, but also your Tweet page titles.

22. Use Twitterberry If you use a Blackberry in your daily business, then you must use Twitterberry to post your Twitter updates.  One of the most popular Twitter applications around, this free software will save you loads of time (unless you are too busy Twittering on the go).

23. Learn! – Twitter is an amazing resource for helping you learn about a wide variety of topics fairly quickly.  Is there some topic relevant to your business that you need to brush up on?  Do a search on Twitter for those keywords and follow the links you find.

24. Courtesy Reminders – You can set up Twitter to remind you of upcoming events and meetings on your schedule. Click here to input your notification needs and let Twitter keep you on time.

25. Track Packages – Twitter can also help you keep track of packages you’ve shipped or are waiting on.  Click here to get instant updates on your FedEx, UPS and DHL shipments.

Still think Twitter is just a silly site with a funny name?  Hopefully, you can see the potential for business growth and improvement that Twitter allows.  While it’s free, it does require a substantial amount of time invested to get the positive results necessary to justify continuing to use the service, but with these 25 bonus tips, you should reach your goals quicker and easier.

Got some tips we forgot to mention?  Please share them with us in the comments below.