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Blog Carnival – Habits To Improve Your Life and Your Blogging

Blog CarnivalHave an idea for helping bloggers improve not only their writing skills, but their lives, as well? Add your article to the new carnival I’ve created at Blog Carnival and let your fellow small business bloggers know about the habits that have brought you business success and personal happiness.

I have submitted my post on keeping a journal and may use this as a reference for my upcoming post “Free Blog Marketing Tip #4” coming Wednesday. Please submit an article of your choice that covers traits, habits and skills that simultaneously help improve the blogger’s writing and their life.

At the end of the month, I’ll give a brief review of each entry in a post on this blog and invite readers to share their thoughts and experiences with these ideas. I enjoyed writing my entry on keeping a journal so much, it was over 3,800 words and easily ranks as the longest post I have ever written. Take your tips to a whole new level by offering your insight into improving multiple areas that affect bloggers and help them save time by multi-tasking their personal development.

Feel free to submit your article at the carnival or leave a link here and I’ll submit it for you. And don’t worry, your article does not need to be as long as mine unless you feel like it.