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Get Fresh Local Leads For Your Small Business

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If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get fresh new leads for your small business, check out Thumbtack.  The site is a directory of local service providers which allows visitors to post ads for services they need.  If those services match those you provide, you’ll be notified of the new lead and given a chance to bid on it.

Many of our clients get 2-3 leads a month with this service, so depending on your needs, it might be a good investment for you to set up your account and profile.  Once you do, it will look something like this:  San Luis Obispo Marketing And Web Design Services.

If you aren’t sure of how it all works, feel free to comment below and we’ll help get you set up.  The service is “free”, but you will need to either pay $29.99 a month to send unlimited bids to new leads, or $4.49 for individual leads.  If you aren’t in the running for the job, they’ll even refund your bid price.